Nightingale Hospital was to provide additional support to the leading hospitals of London, where intensive care units have saved the lives of seriously ill by the coronavirus. Nightingale for such a complex therapy is not. Since its Grand opening on 3 April, which was attended by the heir to the British throne Prince Charles, Nightingale has provided treatment only in 54 patients, whereas initially it was assumed that the hospital will accommodate four thousand beds.

the same fate has befallen today, and four “clone” London Nightingale stationed in Manchester, Birmingham , Bristol and Harrogate. They will also be closed. This begs the question, why they were built? The answer is obvious: in March and government Ministers Johnson and the leaders of Britain’s health service feared that the hospitals of the National Health Service (NHS) can drown under the influx of seriously ill by the coronavirus, which will take fans of the lungs. These concerns emanated in particular from the hardest at that time the situation with the epidemic in Italy.

to comment on this situation is twofold: on the one hand – was wasted energy and money. On the other – we should be glad that extra five hospitals built before the need. Those who supported the construction of these hospitals , rightly believe that this ensured insurance possible new peak of epidemic. Critics, however, insist that Nightingale was poorly laid out and became nothing more than a publicity stunt. Some London hospitals are frankly jealous of the superior equipment of their new “brother”.

In a letter to his staff, the Executive Director of the London hospital Nightingale said, “As noted by the Prime Minister, we have crossed the first phase of the coronavirus and because of this the NHS moves into the second phase of the global response of the epidemic. Apparently, in the coming days, we will not be required to accept patients in the London hospitals, as today in the capital coronavirus is under control. When we write the last group of our patients, our hospital will remain ready to resume work. We must be prepared for the fact that the number of infected Covid-19 will grow again if the government will relax rules on distance between people”.

a spokesman for Boris Johnson has confirmed that London’s Nightingale will be ready to receive patients if required in the future, but that “we do not expect this to happen.”