The wave of foreign Budget Design Hotels, the conquer the Swiss cities, for local real estate investors. The Investment crisis is large. The construction of more rental housing, which lead to the stalls empty, not worth it. Since the real estate investors remodeling or new construction projects in cities, in addition to retailers and commercial hotel chains to rent space to come just at the right time.

These chains such as Ikea-Moxy Hotels or Prizeotels, on yesterday’s VIEW, reported themselves feverishly to modern real estate. The purchase risk do not want to pay for the hotel groups, so you can rent better. the

Such tenant promise quick returns and less risk than investments in luxury hotels, where it takes the amortization years. A Win-win Situation: The Budget-Hotel-groups Europe-wide currently with the help of pension funds and financial investors rapidly in Swiss cities.

the German Economy-Design-chain Prizeotel end of the year, occurs in the Swiss market. The three-star hotel in the Building of the former post headquarters beautiful castle in the city of Bern. The real estate company Swiss Prime Site has invested CHF 130 million in the renovation project and remains the owner of the Hotel property.

the Trend of real estate projects, with Restaurants, Hotels and Shopping

In a remodeling project of the real estate company PSP Swiss Property, the Munich-based Budget chain, Ruby plans-Hotel, entry 2021 year the Swiss market. 210 Hotel rooms come at a Prime location at the Zurich Bahnhofquai in the building of the former ABC cinema.

The trendy British three-star Budget chain Yotel has announced, in turn, your Swiss market entry for next year in a new office and hotel complex on the outskirts of Geneva. The Geneva real estate company M3 Real Estate can be the trendy complex of 200 million Swiss francs cost.

separation of operation and Hotel

According to tourism expert Andreas Deuber, head of the tourism Institute of the University of Chur, don’t invest a modern Budget chains in the rule in Hotel real estate, but operate the Hotels. The investors of the other, for example institutional investors such as pension funds or high net worth individuals.

“The Trend in cities generally in the direction of separation of operation and investment,” says Deuber. It was in the past different, as Hotels are often by their owners to be operated. The owner model is widespread in the Swiss Holiday hotel business is still far.

Investment backlog is fatal

In the Wake of the Budget-Hotel-the-wave-Thomas awaits all man, member of the Executive Committee of the Association Hotelleriesuisse, Switzerland beds far a Oversupply of hotel. Under the wheels of smaller, independent Hotels with up to 30, 40 of the rooms would be. You provide the capital for investment is missing. Even more than in the cities, congestion in the Alpine region that is dominated and operated by a family, an Investment, as everybody is running.

Switzerland tourism, the Budget Design Hotel looks forward to wave left. New international hotel chains, which combine in Switzerland by foot, will be able to keep only, if you offer a “pabulum”, but individual, new concepts and positionings track, says Mark Berger of Switzerland tourism.