It was not supposed to Bubber had to be a father again. In fact, he did not want to babyskrål and changing diapers at the age of 55.

So when his new girlfriend, Signe Rossing, came and said that she was pregnant, he thought: ‘that’s not going to happen.’

It tells the tv host of his new podcast ‘Gammelfar’ on Podimo, where he is preparing for his new life by chatting with experts and other middle-aged fathers.

Bubber stole the headlines when he in november said that he would divorce from his wife for 28 years and at the same time-awaited child with a new woman. A woman who would later turn out – had been a friend of the family for several years and also worked as a nanny for the Bubbers three children that today are adults.

Bubber and the ex-wife, Christina ‘Ibsen’ Meyer, had never made a secret of their long marriage to the times had been turbulent and marked by infidelity.

But in the podcast tells Bubber to Signe Rossing was not a digression. He and the ex-wife had once again fought for the marriage. But this time it went not.

And then desired Bubber to get ahead and feel the feelings and life again, he says in the podcast, where he, however, admits that it all went very quickly. And yet not:

“When I first got to know that we were going to be parents…” a weaver, he

“I can sit here and try to write it on file some corners, but honestly, I thought: ‘It’s not going to happen.’ But now we have taken the decision, so it is actually something I didn’t bother to hear myself say. Quite frankly,” he says in the ‘Gammelfar’.

According to Bubber was the pregnancy not planned by any of the parties, but no matter what was decided, he would stand behind, he thought at the time.

Although his marital relationship and upcoming baby shower according to Bubber has been ‘a public event’, as is the actual circumstances of the pregnancy is not something that fills in his life.

He thinks more that he is 55 years old, has three adult children, has not had a baby in the house for 25 years and also have just become a grandfather.

Why has he chosen to make the podcast about being an old father.

even if it undeniably will create attention on his person.

“Now I do the may it, I whipped around a bit in the coals again and puffing to the fire by doing exactly the here podcast. But I actually love – and I have always done – to use myself. Take myself into and have solved some issues. Use my curiosity to enter a subject.”

“And right this topic with ‘gammelfar’ – the group gets larger and larger. There is no relevance,” he says in the first paragraph, where he visits the Dennis Knudsen, who himself became a solo dad who is 56-year-old.