Europe ignores Erdogan

Columnist Simon Tisdall in his blog for The Guardian criticized the European authorities, who, in his opinion, paying too much attention to Belarus, and Alyaksandr Lukashenka is the opposition of Turkey and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who became a real threat.

The righteous anger of the EU seems a bit artificial: no one expected that Lukashenka will play fair, says the author. Democratic reform in the country, “firmly stuck in the orbit of Russia”, is not a priority of the EU, he said. Turkey is a NATO member, a key trading partner of the EU and an influential player in the middle East. Unlike Belarus, it has real strategic value. Tisdall noted that the conflict in the Eastern Mediterranean has already affected Cyprus, Israel and Egypt.

In Russia believe that the time Lukashenko has expired

Bloomberg said that the chances of Russia to maintain its influence in Belarus disappear due to the weakening against the background of protests, the authorities of President Alexander Lukashenko.

Three sources familiar with the situation said the Kremlin feared the overthrow of Lukashenko. After his departure, Russia will have to try to maintain their “special relationship with the vital buffer” on the border with NATO. Another source close to the Kremlin, said that arranged Lukashenka’s repression counterproductive, but in the end will allow him to remain in power for some time.

the Japanese are encouraged to return the Kuril Islands war

Japanese Internet users have commented on the situation on the Kuril Islands. The response of the Japanese got the stuff to Yahoo News Japan, said that in 2020, for the first time in nearly 30 years, the Japanese are unable to visit the Kuril Islands according to the program of a visa-free exchange.

The program was suspended due to a pandemic, but Japanese Internet users have decided that the cause – politics. User under the name Zakk said that Japan had to agree to Russia’s proposal to take the two Islands and not require four. Now, in his opinion, the Islands will not return. Kjl noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin will not give even one island. “Rather, he uses the chance to capture Hokkaido,” said the user.

"Putin vaccine, and riding a bear will save the world"

The Iranian newspaper Hamshahri published a meme, which Russian President Vladimir Putin is depicted riding a bear and a vaccine against the coronavirus behind. Iranian opinions are divided: some have called the drug “self-deception”, others began to advance to thank the Russian President, claiming that Putin will save the world, bringing everyone the vaccine, and therefore getting rid of the pandemic.

“Thank God, thank the Almighty that there are Putin that can save all people…” wrote one commenter. Another said that the story of the Russian vaccineth similar to the “delusion bordering on insanity”.

Scientists: coronavirus appeared in 2012

New coronavirus may have originated in a Chinese mine in 2012, not the seafood market in Wuhan in 2019. it is reported by The Sun with reference to scientists.

Eight years ago six miners in the mine Mozan in Yunnan province fell ill with pneumonia after he spent 14 days cleaning the mine from the feces of bats. Doctor Li Xu, who treated the miners, said that patients had a high fever, dry cough, pain in the limbs, headaches, and other symptoms characteristic of COVID-19.