I have to Say: many of the rules remain the same. For example, in the first class schools accept children from 6.5 years if they have no contraindications for health reasons. And not later than 8 years. At the request of parents unable to accept earlier or later age.

Statements on record in first class guys who live nearby, that is in the area, schools begin to take from the parents no later than February 1 and continue until June 30.

For those who live far, but still would like to give the child to a specific school (and is still), the reception runs from 1 July until the time of actual filling of seats.

What is important from new? Children have an advantage when entering the first grade, where learning of their brothers and sisters living in one family have a common residence. The reception of such children in the first grade shall be no later than 1 February. Also updated the list of documents which the school may incur when enrolling the child.

Among them, in addition to application: original birth certificate or a document confirming the kinship of the applicant; the original document certifying the identity of the citizen. In addition, you will need a document confirming guardianship or custody (if necessary); registration certificate of a citizen or the child’s place of residence or place of stay at the assigned area; letter from the parents of the child (in the case of extraordinary or urgent admission); a copy of the conclusions of psychological-medical-pedagogical Commission (if any). To enroll the baby in the first class shall, within 7 days after receiving all documents.

the school Administration may refuse to accept children living in the designated areas only if there are no remaining places. If this happens, immediately contact the local authorities. They provide information about the availability of seats in nearby schools and will help to resolve the issue with the device.

As explained in the Ministry of education, the new agreement strengthens the existing legislation – mainly the acceptance of our brothers and sisters in an educational organization. To give the child to the school where his brother or sister, parents will be able to the earliest – opening record to the first class.

– the Preferential admission of brothers and sisters, approved by the President, is a very important norm the comfort and convenience of the educational environment for the family. This rule we again fasten within the procedure of admission in educational institutions, – said the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov. – The project also contains a list of required documents and the deadlines for the start of the reception. After completing the required procedures will take effect and will indeed��be consistent with the new school year. Priority to enroll a child in school with his brother or sister, parents can take advantage of now.

Ministry of education recommended that all regions spend 27 Jun holidays for school leavers 2019-2020 school year.

– the Central event will be the Federal “Prom”. It will cover all regions of the country, and in the final part of the program will include the festival “Scarlet sails”, – told in the press service of the Ministry of education. In 2020 about 700 thousand pupils finish the 11th class.

At the same time, the Ministry stressed: to protect the health of students and teachers most of the events on 27 June will be held in online mode. But in the regions, released on June 27 for the third stage of the lifting of restrictions, the holidays can pass and part. Again – in strict accordance with the requirements of the CPS. Furthermore, holding an in-person graduation and possibly after the exam. The last day the exam is scheduled for August 8.

– Graduation ball – a great tradition which unites 11-graders, their parents and teachers, – told the Minister of education Sergey Kravtsov. – Warm emotions, kind words, happy moments – memories that will give you strength, to warm your whole life and inspire. We must preserve this tradition for the children.

According to the Minister, in this case, unfortunately, in most regions, it is still a dangerous epidemiological situation. In any case we cannot allow this celebration was marred by the illness of some of the children or teachers.

– We care about children and teach them to make responsible decisions, learn safe life. Now we just show an example of how to do it: assessing the situation, recommended in June to celebrate the graduation online, and in the early fall to celebrate the traditionally more vibrant and close format, – said Sergey Kravtsov. – Agree that more important than the spirit of the holiday than its formal date. Because it is not worth risking health.

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