And in the patch the barbaric injustice allowed by the official Tallinn thirteen years ago to transfer a monument from city centre on the initiative of the Russian diplomatic mission in Estonia at the city Military cemetery was held this year major repairs of the monument to the Liberator Soldier. Today, April 30, says the news portal Delfi, representatives of the Embassy of the Russian Federation held the opening ceremony of the renovated monument, which was erected in the early autumn of 1947 the day of the liberation of the Estonian capital from Nazi invaders.

Memorial composition created by the sculptor Nth Roos and architect Arnaldo the Alas, the original was a two-meter figure of a Soviet soldier, bowed his head in sign of grief, and the walls, which were set plaques with the names of those killed in the liberation of the city and shows the order of the Patriotic war. By the way, connoisseurs of local realities argue that the prototype soldier was Estonian soldier Vello Range.

Local observers are reminded that the dismantling of the monument to the liberator Soldier and the beginning of the excavations at the burial site of Soviet soldiers on the Tonismagi hill in the center of the Estonian capital began in 2007 rise to serious riots. Then, during clashes with the police in this Baltic Republic was detained more than a thousand people, of which about fifty were arrested.

on Friday, April 30, at the opening of the restored monument was attended by representatives of the Embassy of the Russian Federation headed by Ambassador Alexander Petrov and journalists, informs Estonian edition.

by the Way, according to the Russian diplomatic mission already completed restoration of 50 tombstones with the names of soldiers of the red Army on the territory of military cemetery. And all are buried 1200 Soviet soldiers and sailors, and therefore work on bringing order to all burials will continue to assure local sources.