After Olaf Scholz’s visit to China, the Liberals have now passed an 11-point paper, as reported by the “Bild” newspaper. In it, the traffic light party calls for a new policy to protect critical infrastructure in Germany and the exclusion of rogue states and dictatorships and their corporations from the area.

For example, the FDP is calling for the foreign trade law to be tightened in order to give the federal government more of a say when it comes to selling German infrastructure abroad and to dictatorships. The aim is “that the federal government will have more say in deals like the ones that have now been made in Hamburg,” said Bremen FDP leader Thore Schäck, who presented the paper on Monday together with Secretary General Bijan Djir-Sarai.

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In addition, the Hamburg-Scholz model is to be expressly ruled out for other ports: “Especially when taking over or partially taking over critical infrastructure, there must be a special check in the future. And that applies, of course, and in particular to Germany’s second most important port in Bremerhaven,” Schäck is quoted as saying in the report.

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And further: “We can no longer give power over parts of critical infrastructure to companies that are under the extensive influence of authoritarian regimes.” It is important that the federal cabinet has to vote in such partial takeovers in the future. “It has to decide unanimously and not only mostly.”

In Germany, people are still being insulted in a way that is anti-Jewish. Spreading of conspiracy theories often contributes to this.

With a series of articles and videos, FOCUS online supports a police crime prevention campaign against anti-Semitism and the spread of conspiracy myths. The Civilian Heroes campaign is for everyone. The topic concerns each of us!

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Health Minister Karl Lauterbach wants to reform the hospitals. But his suggestions are by no means met with enthusiasm by everyone. Midwives have now started a petition against one of the innovations.

Hasan Alkas is a professor of microeconomics with a focus on international markets, he was an advisor to the Minister of Transport and Communications in Turkey for several years and worked at the European Commission in industrial policy. He loves Germany, but he ruthlessly exposes Germany’s weaknesses.

Soldiers from a Russian naval brigade openly criticized their commanders on Telegram. Their actions resulted in the brigade losing 300 men in just four days. “They don’t care about anything except adorning themselves. They call people flesh,” the letter reads.

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