Patients who are infected with coronavirus, may have their respirators taken from them, if there are other patients with higher chances to be cured. This is the stark message being given to british doctors.

waiting for some serious decisions, if the uk hospitals are crowded with covid-19 patients, says the British Medical Association (MBA). Then it becomes up to the doctors to assess whether the individual patient should continue to have a respirator, or it must be taken from him/her.

In total 2.352 people died while they were infected with coronavirussen in the Uk. It is the number after 563 died on Wednesday in the so far worst day.

Who directed the massive criticism of the british government’s behavior so far during the coronakrisen, and it is clear that it will be necessary to put the testing for the coronasmitte massively up.

And so it becomes according to the new guidelines from the MBA necessary for doctors to take decisions, which for some patients can be vital to their lives: They may not receive the treatment they would have received if there were no corona virus in the country. Who writes Sky News.

“The professionals in the hospital system may have to deprive some patients of the funds, which may make it more likely that they can survive,” it says in the documents.

the Recommendation from the BMA says that one of the necessary things that may be necessary to do is to say “all the sick are equally important, with it does not mean that everyone should be treated at the same time”.

“If we look ahead to the coming weeks, if the hard decisions are necessary, so we know who will be asked questions. There will be anger and pain,” says dr. John Crisholm, chairperson of the MBA’s ethics committee.

“There is nobody who wants to take these decisions, but if the system becomes crowded, they must be taken.”