British Ambassador to Russia: Skrypali alive, but their location is secret

Poisoned in 2018 in the British city of Salisbury, a former GRU officer Sergey Skripal and his daughter Julia are alive, but their locations not disclosed in their interest, said British Ambassador to Russia Deborah Bronner.

“of Course, they are alive. I cannot tell you where they are, because we respect people’s right to make decisions for themselves,” said Bronner in an interview published Monday in the newspaper “Kommersant”.

however, she refused to answer whether Skrypali in the UK, citing the fact that he could not comment on such matters.

the Ambassador also stressed that the United Kingdom authorities do not intend to change its position on the matter Skrobala.

“We are very seriously approached the collection of evidence, and the police had taken a decision to publish a lot of materials,” the Ambassador added, noting that the evidence allegedly convinced many of the British and many of their partners abroad.

“Now we would like, as I said, to decide the matter in accordance with law. In court. He’s the last word,” said Deborah Bronner.

March 4, 2018 Skrypali was discovered unconscious in the British city of Salisbury. Later in Amesbury (10 miles from Salisbury) in the same condition was found by the British citizens Charlie Rowley and don Sturges exposed to nerve agents. Sturges later died.

outside London imposed upon Russia (although experts of the British military laboratory subsequently was unable to establish the origin of the substance, which was poisoned Skrypali). In response, Britain and a number of its allies have sent about 140 Russian diplomats. And 60 people have sent US, and on the third place (after London, which sent 23 people) – Ukraine, which sent 13 diplomats.

Russia has rejected all the accusations and remind us that all chemical weapons destroyed Russia in 2017 under the supervision of the Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons.

the Russian foreign Ministry said that London has not presented the results of the official investigation in Salisbury, noting that they hold in the strictest confidence. This, according to Russian diplomats, indicates the unwillingness of the British authorities to disclose the real picture of what happened and the absence of any evidence of the Russian involvement in the incident. According to Russian diplomats, the United States continues to use the case Skrobala for the deterioration of relations with Russia.