“It is a cruel, weak, relentless, merciless, dark disease. It was like three hands. One that kværker you. One that pushes your face down, at the same time with. The last one rips your heart out of your chest, and it stops just not … several days.”

Such is the dramatic description of how it is like to be hit by coronavirussen Covid-19 from the uk, Sam and Kane to the british newspaper the Sun.

He is married to the british actress Linda Lusardi, who are so hard hit by the virus, that she is in the hospital and fighting for his life.

Both the 51-year-old Sam Kane and his wife, the 61-year-old actress, was on Friday admitted to the hospital, since they are both part of the Covid-19, and their condition had been bad.

But while Sam Kane relatively quickly got better and Monday is once again printed, it is something worse to his wife.

Linda Lusardi is hit very hard, and her husband fear for her life.

“I can’t say it enough – this is not just a flu. I have seen this take my woman to death’s door”, reads the message from Sam Kane according to The Sun.

The british pair have both used the social media to describe the disease.

Thursday wrote Linda Lusardi even on the social media that she was sick with the corona, and that she felt very ill, writes the Daily Mirror. And on Friday, it was so much the worse for the couple, both the husband and wife were hospitalized.

however, There is a little light in the darkness. Even if Linda Lusardi is very sick, then it seems to go slowly forward, recounts the husband.

“She gets a little bit stronger each day. I mean, it’s really small chunks. But.. it’s going in the right direction,” he says.

Linda Lusardi is both a previously known ‘page 9’-girl in England, but is also an actor. She has, among others, starred in the tv series The Bill, Hollyoaks and Brookside.