Now, there was a severe lockdown in Spain, and the Belgian government, and all travel to the rest of the world do not have the corona virus to combat it, it is very difficult for a Belgian tourist in order to get back home to the west. Also, Brigitte (27) and her boyfriend, are stuck on the Spanish island of Tenerife. While they are actually the 14th of march, have already returned home, were supposed to be.

it’s the same day, took the Spanish government to some drastic measures to be taken against the corona virus: as of Monday, it would have been in the country for a total lockdown, be implemented. The strict measures would also apply to the Spanish canary island of Tenerife one of the Canary Islands. Through all the hoopla, it was the Ryanairvlucht by Brigitte leave, and later will be cancelled.

Brigitte and her boyfriend have been, as it were, to fend for themselves: “thanks to Ryanair, are not given proper measures are taken”. At first, they tried two flights to get to us.We drove for an hour and a half from the airport, to inform, and, ultimately, to be told that all flights this week as I have been,” says Brigitte. So, I booked them a flight on the 27th of march. “But the next day we looked online at the website of Ryanair, and it turned out that all of a sudden, however, the flights have to be available.”

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So were Brigitte and her friend to their plane once again. After all, they already have a few more days on vacation than originally planned: “we really, really want to go home”. The snake in the grass? “We had to have our flight home on the 27th of march to cancel it, and there was an extra fee of 400 euros for the flight to the eye,” said Brigitte, her. “This is our return flight originally cost.”

We are on the reserve list, but that was in the books and will not be shown. That is, they told us to get to the airport.

in Addition, Brigitte, and her boyfriend still can’t be sure of the their seats on board the aircraft, in spite of the additional costs that they have already paid it, “We are on a reserve list, but that was in the books and will not be shown. That is, they told us to get to the airport.” This means that the two of them to go to the airport to get a ride of one and a half hours to get there, check-in and customs to go. “It is the board that we will be able to hear if there is room.”

And expects that Brigitte doesn’t. “There is, for example, the first priority must be given to the families, and the elderly.”


And what happens when Brigette and her friend, I do not manage to get in a position to get hold of? “On the first available flights until mid-may. And, for the moment, there are no tourists repatriated from Spain.” It is, therefore, afraid to wait and see, but one thing is for Brigitte, is very clear: “The way we’re using Ryanair to look at home to get to the hotel, it is a corrupt system.”