Bridge believes that now is the time to cut the salaries of Russian players

Alexander Bridge Aleksandr Mostovoi
Photo: Sergey Kiselev / AGN Moscow

the Former player of team Russia Alexander Mostovoy that the best years of his career spent in the Spanish club “Celta”, said that Russian clubs need to take cuts in salaries of players in connection with the suspension of the season because of the pandemic of coronavirus.

championship of Russia on football suspended until April 10

“Now in Europe, many teams are in wage cuts for their players, the players agree on it. Our clubs it’s definitely worth to go this route. By the way, a break in our football and wage cuts can benefit us. Clubs can finally make the salary in the contracts of our players is fair.

the Last ten years, we’re talking about the inflated salaries and contracts. Had a chance to fix it. Let no one be offended, it is the right decision”, – quotes the words of the Bridge championship.

Earlier, state Duma Deputy, former member of the Executive Committee of the Russian football Union (RFU) Igor Lebedev has proposed to reduce the salaries of Russian players by 30-50 percent, and the money directed on support of national health care, but our players cool reception to the initiative.