Brian Austin green/Colson Baker and Megan Fox

In may, the 46-year-old Brian Austin green confirmed the rumors about the breakup with 34-year-old Megan Fox after 11 years of marriage and have tried to create the impression that their problems are not the fault of a third party. He was sympathetic to her desire for change, but the latest news about the former pair indicate that not all things Megan fit in his head.

Soon after the news about the breakup with her husband Fox ceased to hide a new novel — in the movie Midnight in the Switchgrass (the film is not called in the Russian hire) began her relationship with another participant of the project, a 30-year-old Colson Baker.

Colson Baker and Megan Fox

In may, the actress starred in his clip and stopped to hide from the cameras with a new love. In early August, she told about her feelings for Him on instagram. Green is such a public revelation doesn’t like more than that — he doesn’t recognize his wife (Brian Austin and Megan not divorced yet, but already filed for divorce).
Brian annoyed by the fact that Megan only thinks about his new novel. He does not understand why she posts a photo of Coulson and writes stupid posts to tell the whole world about his love. She hasn’t even divorced him! Megan has always been very secretive, so Brian Austin doesn’t understand what happened to her, told Green about the source of his entourage.

Brian Austin green and Megan Fox