TV Limburg, Brenda (26), and the heart on his sleeve, that much is for sure. This can be seen when the Family, with her looking back on her adventures “Down the Road” One. “Congratulations to Dieter Coppens, and she ” Saar, you know,” she said in the magazine. “Because we were not the easiest group to take you on a journey to go on!”

Brenda, it’s a done deal: thanks to a Down-the-Road, they could haarabsolute get to make. “Especially because it’s such an adventure that it was,” she said in a TV Family. “I’ve had so many fun, wonderful, exciting things to do. And I made new friends for life, definitely! Not only is Gitte, Sophie, Stu, Jaimie and Peter. But it is also the Saar, and He.”

there’s a couple of times, very, very afraid, isn’t it? Especially when there are horses and donkeys in the area were…
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well, yes, I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always been afraid of horses. Maybe it’s because they are so large and ‘bumpy’ to be? I don’t know… Because I love you, however, of animals, of course. Such as rabbits, dolphins and butterflies, I think it’s magical. And I’m crazy about our cat at home. Most called. Such a sweet girl!

Even you will fall in love with Down the Road. But Jaimie chose Sophie. Really?

Wow, this is… In the beginning I didn’t like that very much, yes. That took me a long time. But now it is all about. Even more so: I’m Jaimie and Sophie are a very nice couple and I wish them all good luck.

do you Have in the meantime become a friend?

not Yet, no. I’m still looking for you. The best would be to get a kid out of the neighborhood.

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