“Everything we say now is speculative. But if we play again, then this is a negative dynamics, in which we were from the head, a piece of far in, disappear,“ said the 37-Year-old in a Podcast of the NDR-radio. “You’re starting again. Although in a poor location. But not burdened by multiple defeats and a bad mood in the environment. It would start again a new season,“ said the football teacher. After 25 match days, for the time being to 30. April interrupted Bundesliga season second-to-last are the people of Bremen with a game less only table. Of the last eleven League games they have won only one. Kohfeldt would like to exercise in the discussion of a possible continuation of the season no pressure on the policy. “The only opinion I have on it is: I’m going to bend me definitely, without a murmur or without a euphoria of the decision of those cases in the interests of society,” he said.