“A short-term return to the normal state, there can be,” said the SPD-politician on Tuesday at a press conference in Bremen, Germany. Depending on the area this could take weeks and months. Because of the immense social importance of the areas schools and nurseries as well as retail in the centre of the discussion were first. During the discussions on Wednesday, the key is to find a nationwide a single line. Bovenschulte noted the significant decline in the infection action. This was due to the measures adopted, especially on the mostly very disciplined behavior of the citizens. “Without the insight in the necessity to change the own behavior, would have been able to draw any measure of the state,” said Bovenschulte.

Despite the massive cuts for businesses and workers is no tradeoff between the economy and health instead of think, is this: “the health and protection of life a priority for us,” he said. However, should the measures on the principle of proportionality.

In the Federal state of Bremen have confirmed with the state as of Monday afternoon 489 Coronavirus infection cases, of which 463 in the city of Bremen and 26 in Bremerhaven. The number of after infection, the deceased is according to the authorities out of a total of 20.