Just whip it up, fry it and you’re done? Although it sounds so easy, there are a few things that can go wrong when preparing scrambled eggs.

Too much liquid? too tight? Too dry?

Jamie Oliver shows how to prepare the perfect scrambled egg so that the scrambled egg has the right cooking point and is guaranteed to be delicious.

The TV chef has three variants up his sleeve – English, French and American.

Scrambled eggs are the perfect breakfast because they are not only cheap and quick to make, but also very healthy. It provides you with high-quality protein and lots of micronutrients at the start of the day.

In addition to vitamins, folic acid and iodine, eggs contain a complete amino acid profile. This is important because not all essential amino acids can be produced by the body itself and must therefore be obtained from the diet.

So that breakfast is also really delicious, Jamie Oliver shows what is important when preparing scrambled eggs.

With the English variant, you prepare a medium-cooked scrambled egg in a pot.

What you need:

Since the pot is still hot, the eggs will continue to cook. Jamie Oliver uses a spatula to pile up the scrambled eggs a little on the edge of the pot so they don’t overcook as much.

Now it’s already being served. Eat the eggs on their own or, like the TV chef, place them on a slice of toasted bread.

With the French method, a fine, creamy scrambled egg is created by using a water bath, which is a lot more liquid than the English one.

With this variant, the eggs are cooked at a very low temperature, which makes the whole process much slower.

What you need

Jamie Oliver also uses a saucepan for the French scrambled eggs. He fills this with 2.5 centimeters of water and heats it up for a water bath.

It is much more liquid than the English version, only very small, firmer pieces run through the creamy mass. That’s how it should be with French scrambled eggs – so, off to toast with them and enjoy your meal.

If you fry the eggs American style in a pan, the scrambled eggs will be a little coarser, but will still be juicy.

What you need

For the American scrambled eggs, the TV chef uses a frying pan.

The American variant is somewhat coarser than the English. Since you are using a pan instead of a pot, the surface area for the cooking egg mixture is larger.

Originally posted by FitForFun, Jamie Oliver shows you how to make the best scrambled eggs.