Fried eggs are a popular breakfast option. It’s uncomplicated, quick and, above all, very tasty. But many people make a small mistake when frying fried eggs.

For many people, fried eggs are simply part of breakfast. Everyone makes the fried egg a little differently – some like it very crispy on both sides, others prefer a soft core.

There are also two groups of fried egg lovers: some prefer to use butter, others prefer oil. Instructions for frying sound a bit superfluous at first – but most people make mistakes.

What definitely goes with a fried egg is some salt. However, it depends on where you put the seasoning on the fried egg – and this is where most people make a mistake.

The salt should never be sprinkled on the yolk. This is because it would create unsightly spots in the yolk. And it would be impossible to make the perfect fried egg.

The yolk is very sensitive to salt – for this reason you should only sprinkle a pinch of salt on the egg white. By the way, some people just salt the melted butter before adding the fried egg to the pan.

As already mentioned, the fried egg is fried with butter or oil. Instead, you can also use confectionery cream with a fat content of between 35 and 38 percent. To do this, put some cream in a pan, then sprinkle some salt and pepper over it and then add the eggs. The fried egg becomes particularly tender and has a particularly nice aroma. Nothing stands in the way of enjoying the perfect fried egg.

You should not fry the fried egg at the highest level, otherwise it will burn. The pan should be heated to medium temperature.

As soon as the egg white has reached the desired color, the fried egg can slide from the pan onto the plate. In addition to salt and pepper, you can also use fresh herbs, which give the fried egg a special flavor.

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