In the Brazilian Amazon the deforestation in January – the first month of Bolsonaros term in office – according to the research Institute, Imazon by 54 percent compared to the same month last year to 108 square kilometers.

Although it has been taken primarily on private property wood. After all, seven percent of the deforestation took place, however, on lands of indigenous communities, a five percent increase in designated conservation areas. However, had also already before Bolsonaros office of the deforestation.

the climate and the rain forest is not a main theme for Boslonaro-government

“The combat of deforestation is the responsibility of Brazil and should be a priority for the government,” said Carolina Marçal of the conservation organization Greenpeace in the run-up to the International day of forests on 21. March. “The new government is pursuing a policy that violates the rights of the indigenous and indigenous populations, and leads to more violence in the country, and more destruction of the environment.”

Bolsonaro has always made it clear that the protection of the environment and the fight against climate change are at the top of his priority list. He wants to designate any new protected areas in the Amazon region, further land clearing in the rain forest and allow the environment to the needs of the economy. “Under the indigenous Land lies,” he once said.

immediately after his inauguration on new year’s day, he transferred the responsibility for the protection of areas of indigenous and Afro-Brazilian communities, the Ministry of agriculture. To the top of the resort, he continued, the influential Agricultural lobbyist Tereza Cristina. Critics believe that the goat was made the gardener.

Brazil is important in the fight against climate change

The direction of the changing international climate could bring protection in danger, because the indigenous communities of Brazil, understood traditionally as the “Keeper of the forest” and resistance against the large-scale deforestation. Brazil has an important role in the fight against climate change, because the Amazon basin as a CO2 storage of global importance.

in Spite of the massive deforestation in the Amazon is the earth, according to a study by the US space Agency, Nasa, today, greener than 20 years ago. Responsible for the increase, especially afforestation projects in China, and more intensive agriculture in India, whether it is in the Nasa report.

However, these new plantations could not compensate for the loss of biodiversity through deforestation, for example, in Brazil and Indonesia.

For Bolsonaro, the Amazon rain forest represents, above all, a yet untapped economic potential. “Brazil is doing very much for the environment and nature conservation,” he said recently at the annual meeting of the world economic forum (WEF) in Davos.

The country had many natural resources – that he wanted to use. “We want to achieve progress and at the same time protect the environment and conserve biodiversity.”

Worldwide, there are in over 60 countries, 400 million Indigenous, of which 150 million live in tribal societies. Indigenous peoples are the first inhabitants of a given area. Are threatened, especially in South America, Africa and Asia. In many places their country has not secured the rights, and they are not recognized legally. Alarming the Situation for the 305 indigenous peoples in Brazil, President Jair Bolsonaro has explained the quasi-war and wants to exploit their territories for agriculture and raw materials.

The attack on their territories, sets the stage for an environmental disaster. Indigenous peoples are the best conservationists are, they take such good care of their animals and the environment like no one else. Forced development and progress of Indigenous, neither healthier nor happier. The consequences of forced adaptation are often fatal. Unkontaktierte peoples of the most threatened societies, worldwide, there are about a hundred – a infection with the flu can wipe you out.

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