Brazil has overtaken the UK on number of people infected with coronavirus and came in third place in the world on this indicator. Official Ministry of health reported an increase in the number of infected in days 13 140. Now the country is 254 thousand 220 cases of coronavirus, vs 247 of 706 thousand in the UK, data was provided by the Johns Hopkins University.

“the epicenter of the infestation – the state of são Paulo, in the second dream – Rio de Janeiro – the third state of ceará. A severe epidemic develops in the North-Eastern States of Pernambuco and maranhão, and also in the States of Amazonas and pará in Northern of the country”, citing a source, writes TASS.

Brazil is the leader among Latin American countries number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus and related deaths (16 792). The epidemic has led to the fact that the country has twice been replaced by the head of the Ministry of health. Earlier the health professionals predicted that the situation with coronavirus in Brazil stabiliziruemost to July, in August the growth rate of infection will slow, and in September will decline.