Now I’m very happy, ” says the 45-year-old Henrik Solli to NRK, a few minutes after he has come into the car after it is new Norwegian record in the number of miles gone on one and the same trip.

He is the last man standing in what is dubbed the “kilometerkrigen” in marka. Competition where it’s about to go as far as possible continuous skiing.

Henrik Solli and some of the aides of his in the night.

Photo: Private the Clock stopped with a few rounds again

From eight o’clock on Tuesday morning and on Wednesday afternoon went Solli 520 miles – at least. It all curled up at the end when the GPS clock, which measures the miles, ran out of power.

– the Clock stopped when I had two and a half round turn. So I went a round of extra to be completely secure, ” says Solli.

Fortunately he had with him other the last 27 miles, so by going through the other’s measurements will determine the exact number of kilometres.

– It was somewhere between 520 and 540 kilometers, ” says Solli.

Rekordløpet happened to go one round at about 5.5 km on the Heggelivann in marka near Oslo. Yesterday evening and night there was so much stormwater that he also went back and forth on a 1.4 km-long stretch on the edge of the water.

Solli had to take several-week old fur ball out on the Heggelivann in the course of the 32 hour long journey of over 520 km.

Photo: Private Aukland: – Possible to go 800 km

The so-called “kilometerkrigen” in marka has been going on since landslagsprofil Hans Henrik Holund traveled over 200 km in 11 hours for one and a half week ago.

After that koronaviruset put an early end to this year’s konkurransesesong have more runners laid out on long trips and after it became a competition to go the farthest. It peaked in the weekend when the duo Anders Aukland and u. r. Thele went amazing 516 miles in 31 and a half hours.

But it stopped not there.

– I think it’s just all the fun that he will take the record. I have been in contact with him along the way and got sent movies from the trip, ” says Anders Aukland about Solli.

The two know each other from langrennsmiljøet and have kept the ski school together.

Aukland think it is possible to turn Sollis record powerful.

I think a well trained skier can go 75 to 80 miles nonstop on the ritkig cause, ” says Aukland, but assures that he is not going to try either on it or to take back the record – this season.

Anders Aukland (center) after his rekordløp at the weekend.

Photo: Private Rekordmannen: – This is contained within

But in a time where the Norwegian health care system is under pressure as a result of koronaviruset, there has been criticism against the kilometerkrigen. Kombinertutøver Jørgen Graabak said among other things this on Monday after the record of Aukland:

– Now we us, let the man have the record for a while. Very embarrassing on the corresponding attempt ends with the unnecessary use of helsressurser.

He added that it “is not without risk to go over 50 miles on skis”.

But Solli defied the thus the criticism and set out on a trip the day after Graabaks statements.

45-year-old believes one should not go so long walks without experience, but says that he was in control the whole way.

– I have done such type of thing before and would not have exposed me for the no health risks with respect to the family. One must slow down before it happens. As long as you do things in line with what the authorities says, so I think that this is entirely socially acceptable, but there are certainly many opinions about it, ” says Solli to NRK.

He calls himself exerciser, but have a 18. place in the Vasaloppet from 2007 as his best result. He has run several long races, and among other things passed from Trondheim to Oslo on roller skis three times.

How does it do it more prudent that you have the experience?

– It makes sure you know your body. You know what it means to be tired. You are not going and are dehydrated and you follow with on the pulse.

You have returned to know when to stop. The last 27 miles, I had people who went along with me all the way. You must constantly feel and know the on the body and I totally agree that it is not for someone who hasn’t done such things before. If you do not know when to stand, when there is a risk with it, ” says Solli who tells him that he is tired, but that he did not have anything other than the well-known symptoms.

He also has a birthday today and fills 45 years. Rekordløpet was bursdagsgaven from his wife.

It was what I wanted, so I got the disp of the wife, I have gone rotløs at home, ” he says.

Here is a list of the records set since Holund started “kilometerkrigen” in marka: