A burglar has made himself really comfortable in a gazebo in Braunschweig. After breaking into a gazebo, he turned on the television and fried himself a fish. The police eventually interrupted the feel-good session.

The police caught a burglar red-handed in a Braunschweig allotment garden – in front of a television set. The suspect without a permanent residence had made himself comfortable in a gazebo on Tuesday night, the police said on Tuesday.

Accordingly, the 33-year-old smashed a window and broke into the gazebo. There he watched TV and fried a fish he had stolen from another gazebo. An allotment gardener discovered the stranger and alerted the police. The man is already known to the police for similar offenses and is due to be brought before the magistrate on Wednesday.

Actress Amber Heard is to be cross-examined by Johnny Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez on Tuesday. In court, Heard admits hitting Depp when he attacked her and her sister. Depp’s lawyer also reads from love letters in which Heard apologizes for hurting Depp.

According to her own words, the actress Anouschka Renzi only took part in the RTL jungle camp because of the money. She had previously been offered participation 13 times, and she kept turning it down – until the fee was right.

A family wants to eat at McDonald’s fast food chain in South Africa’s Mpumalanga province. But they find a frog on one of their burgers. The whole family can’t believe how this could have happened.