a Nondescript sports center in Kremenchugskaya street in Moscow. At the entrance are forced to handle hand gel, wear gloves and a mask. Well, that is not Boxing. Ordinary rubber. I met Cyril. He is in the headquarters in charge. Reveal the secret. I tried to register in Moscow, the volunteers and even registered the request under number 27405. All in vain. No response to any greeting. The bureaucracy has penetrated here. And I have a car, a lot of free time and the human desire to help. Then through friends I came to the Boxing Federation of Russia. Im my help came in handy.

– well done! – glad the Manager Alex. – We have machines is not enough. Have can hire a taxi for a delivery of our aid. And you know how much it costs? Okay, here’s a disposable suit, vest and glasses volunteer. Vest up and get under load on my back porch. Your boss Elizabeth. You listen to her.

in front of me appeared a young long-legged blonde. More than anything I say did not – it was antivirus garb. Barely got into the suit – I was not engaged with students. And at loading there was a queue. White luxury jeep, then taxi, and then I’m on black “Mercedes”. Opened the trunk. Boxers began to load boxes. Each 25 kilos. From the side, probably thought it was the mafia’s loading something forbidden. Black masks, goggles, mysterious boxes and lacquered cars. But the boxes were simple food: sunflower oil, cheese, canned meat, macaroni and buckwheat. Where without it?

Elizabeth was already in command of the loading. Climbed exactly 7 boxes. Before sending the transport we met along the route. And finally sacramental: “let’s Go!”

the First address to the pathos of Rublevo-Uspensky highway. Here live the famous figure skaters in pair skating, two-time world Champions (1975 and 1977) Irina Moiseyeva and Andrei Minenkov. Remember this couple? About them even a book written “Together forever”.

– Lisa, but we’re definitely working on the Boxing Federation? Or do you have a section of figure skating opened?

– We help all veterans of the sport. Look, this is a known cyclist. And this is a water Polo player. In addition, there are sets of masks and antiseptic for regular to large and poor families who do not to sports. Called the hotline, asked for help. Well, not to refuse, if we can help?

– And where is the money, Liz?

– we and own funds, and 13 bookmakers have provided assistance for the purchase of masks and gels. Beda has brought together not only athletes. Here you are fulfilling an editorial assignment or came at the call of the soul?

Here is something to think about. Of course, to sit idle in the four walls – you can lose control. But from this story I’m not going to give up. That’s when the double Olympic champion, world champion, Europe and Russia on Boxing Ale��this Tishchenko transported as I do, “humanitarian aid”, then besieged by the press was not. And now the Champions sit in quarantine until the draw has not passed. Here and work without stars, but with a twinkle.

…the Massive gates opened. Skaters apologized: they are in the risk group, so will not go. Dragged the two boxes in the yard. Opened the door, and veterans waved to me. Then we drove around the suburbs. Machines little. The road is good. The sun is shining, and my Mercedes in the front seat of the blonde. Idyllic! If not for the coronavirus and the special mission.

Kubinka-8 I protested and said the classic phrase: “Well, who so building?!” The second entrance is. Fourth, too. Where’s the third one, I ask you? And on one street – the quarantine. Call to the widow of the athlete, and she can not explain. An old man. After circling and tertiani found the entrance. He was from the end. Find architect.

I also remember a relative of one veteran water Polo player. We acted according to the instructions – call in advance. The veteran was happy and began to wait for us. And then calls to our number from this meticulous either son, or son-in-law. He did not introduce himself.

– why are you taking us? Because you are Boxing? What we have to do in return? To sign? Vote for who you say? Maybe you scammers?

And so a few times. I asked Elizabeth to send it to hell that suspicious. But no, she said, we represent the Federation. We must be tolerant. Essentially this suspicious right. There are so many cases of fraud! Only when we assured him that we will submit your documents and any money he did not take, he calmed down.

the Last had a world champion, a famous cyclist from the street Builders. I dragged the box out of the last forces on the third floor with no Elevator, like she was a close finish and we had to push on the pedals. I was greeted by a smiling veteran in a sweatshirt. Received with thanks the parcel and wished them health. And him the same!

…Once I was late to the base. Morning machine was already gone. Alex was in the soap. To it constantly approached the boxers and volunteers literally tore it. You need to take receipts for petrol, to provide the people of anti-plague suits and masks, to distribute assistance and to buy cookies to tea. What do you think? Volunteers are people too.

Today, yet do not form the order, will work in the ring – instructed Alex. Here it obeyed unquestioningly.

In the ring? Pear? Is the training going? I entered the room. Two training ring pushed into a corner. They turned into a triage site. Sadly it’s got pears of all kinds and calibers. Long ago he had not bashed. Boxers in protective suits and masks are sorting humanitarian aid. Carefully take out of the box “gun belts” medical masks, tear off six pieces. A boxer puts them exactly tenü alcohol wipes. Third meticulously wraps all this “solder” in a glossy bag and throws it at another box.

the Music would have included – sigh neighbor on the right to work was fun.

– what? – asks the neighbor to the left. – I’m “Boney M” love. And you – “led Zeppelin”. So what to include?

after an hour of the monotonous work and without music aching back, as if I carried five quintals of buckwheat. Then one of us suggested:

– Guys! Every two hours – fifteen-minute workout! And here we zakisnet.

Someone printed the girls on the printer ominous word “coronavirus”. And went to glue the paper on bored pear. Five minutes was hit. Became more fun. This is real music for a boxer! And then again six masks ten napkins. And transparent bag. I learned later that I Packed up side by side with the masters of sports, members of the Olympic Committee and other Champions. These guys the brutal hands that are accustomed to the jabs, the hooks and uppercuts, put not the enemy, and thin masochki in the rustling of the bags. A woman’s job. But boxers word and deed. It means that we need. Sure, if the “Center of progress Boxing” brought sewing machines, the boxers would sew masks. Not immediately, but learned.

I was approached by Alex:

– Go to South Butovo?

– Yes, even to the devil horns.

– Go one. People is not enough. You can handle it?

– I’m almost a real boxer! Don’t you see?

…the first day I went through hard training. The customer does not come without a protective suit, mask and special glasses. Keep social distance. Put the parcel on the Mat in front of the door and depart, making sure that the recipient is the same. Nothing complicated. But in practice…

in South Butovo sounds in jokes like Harlem in new York. In the 90s here I moved the Muscovites from the center. Not the most prosperous. I got a large single-parent families and low-income women. Neither one nor the other about the sport and not heard. Even competitions on TV is not watched. Well, go ahead!

I had a volunteer pass. The cops paid no attention to me. And there was cops, not in the South, in Northern Butovo was not there! Then I regretted, because I don’t have Elizabeth. She so wisely calculated route during my first trip. Would a paper map, just would have put the dots and drew a straight. And in the smartphone bit of a nuisance. Remained Navigator. But he led God knows where!

the First address. A mother on the 16th floor. To transmit a packet of antiseptic on his outstretched trembling hand in rubber glove. And she answer me… chocolate.

– Take! Drink tea… It’s from the heart.

– thanks, of course, but you have children. Will come in handy. Besides, I never before tea. 14 addresses. And instruction. Not allowed!

She followed me to ��amogo Elevator, violating social distance, trying to shove “Alenka” in the pocket. But pockets of anti-plague suit was not. Plague!

I was then offered the money, and burgers, and even a loaf hot. My dear! Thank you! We are now in the same boat. At another time I would have guests come to you. Ate the Patty with the bun. But each at his post. You can sit at home and do not seem to nose on the threshold. I have to deliver help.

Then there was a large family so that I could hardly get through a gauntlet of strollers and bicycles to the cherished door. Eight children on two sisters. Single mom. How excited they were to pack antiseptic and masks! Of course, it’s not enough. But better than nothing.

…On the street Staronavodnic I was waiting for an ambush. Call and call the dog barks and the door will not open. Began to leave the neighborhood. Saw me volunteer in all its glory:

– You from the asylum?

– ???

Yes, she recently from the asylum has escaped. Here to her and back. She’s out there. But never open. Night, walk the dog, and again under lock and key.

– Can you take peredachku for her?

– God forbid! Themselves.

the Call instructions to the staff. Well not to carry the same back pack? Propose to give it the previous large family. The proposal was accepted and recorded in the computer statements. As the two mothers were delighted! It’s a real currency. This package often depends on the life. Two joys in one day. And it is easier for me.

Dear inhabitants of southern Butovo! Are you quite zaizolirovali? No intercoms or phones in 80% of my players have not responded. Had to sneak into the entrance of cunning and impudence. And to knock at the door boot, because the calls also not working. Once entered, together with antiviral team that handled the entrance chemistry. I have them on the smartphone took a picture. They – me. For memory, I guess.

the day I drive 200 kilometres. Need our help Boxing a lot. “Hot line” 8 (800) 222-55-25 heated until white. This phone not only help you can ask. But to offer. We’ve been together. And win. Most importantly, that heart was hot. And gentle, like a boxer.