If Ramadan Hiseni attack after winning a battle in the Boxing Ring to the phone, he heavyweight legend Muhammad Ali (†2016) full. The back of his mobile phone adorned with a Black-and-White image of the best Boxers of all time. “This is the second fight against Sonny Liston,” explains Ali-admirers Hiseni. We see the world-famous scene of 1965, in the Ali the on the boards lying Liston down from above calls out: “Come on, you bum!”

Last Tuesday, in dübendorf, ZH: Hiseni edited in the basement of the BXA-Boxing-Games-club with yellow tape patched together a bag with sand. Ali and the great world of Boxing seem far.

On Friday, the Central comes weight professional in the stadthof hall in Uster ZH to his second youth world title under Version WBC (World Boxing Council). His opponent, the former Dutch Kickboxer Gino made it possible (22). Nickname: Little Mike Tyson. Haseni, on the small Tyson: “A tough fighter.”

Hard as it is in the last days, also for the professional Boxer from Volketswil ZH. He needs to slim down to Wägezeremonie the night before the championship fight by a good 75 pounds to the required 72,574 kilos. “The sweat suit helps. I need to drink also much water. And, if necessary, I’m just weighing in the Sauna.” And after the weighing will be immediately fed. “A lot of Pasta, and meat.”

How to Hiseni, who has thrown his apprenticeship as a logistics company wants to tackle the fight? The Left arm says: “As always, I’m going to touch first with my Jabs.” For Non-experts: Jabs hit Straight with the Jab are. “And when do I spot something, then I react and try to create the early knockout.”

Hani Guertner, his Manager, says: “Ramadan is physically extremely strong, which is admirable. He fights with the head, just stay calm.” Hiseni: “I can plug in, have a glass chin. I already got beat as a child, much to the head.”

it Works today with the Golden world Cup title, are open to the 1.82 m large Fighter, the doors to the Boxing world. Hani Guenter: “Then he would be in the Top 20 of the WBC.” And ready for international fights.

PS. It still has Tickets. The hall has 700 seats. 250 occupy Hasenis friends and Relatives.