Film historian, Director Lyubov Arkus said resignation from office of the President of the “Anton near here” and chief editor of the magazine “Session”. Being the founder of “Session” and “Anton near here”, she continues to work. About this and also about the future of the magazine and the Fund, on the situation of people with autism during a pandemic, its relationship to feminism and modern journalism she spoke with special correspondent of “Kommersant” Olga Allene.”The libel suit is a necessary measure, because we are talking about our reputation”— You resigned from the post of the chief editor of the magazine “Session” and the President of the Fund “Anton near here”, right? — Yeah, I’m not the President of the Fund and not the chief editor of the magazine. I suddenly realized one thing — I’m really bad President for the Foundation. I am very vulnerable, hyperemotional people. I don’t like them and fight with them as much, but at the same time understand that other people, with my thicker skin, would at the time have quit the profession, and for three years to go to build the Foundation for people with autism. The coin has two sides. I’m not quitting “Session” and even more from the Fund — and there, and here I remain a founder. There, and then I worked hard and will work.My main task in “Session” the last four years was to teach a brilliant team of my students to cope without me. This task, it seems to me, we ran together about 90%. The rest get. With the Fund more difficult: while out of my brand Golden staff is not ready at all. And yet I have still many problems: to find money to do new projects, seek partners, and most importantly — to teach my staff the autonomy, the ultimate responsibility. Don’t look at me: “say Luba, Luba will decide”.
Now I work full-time, but we agreed with the team that in this mode I continued for another six months. During this time we have to build the work so that I could be included more than once in a week, and the rest — only on request.In General, it is said: there would be no happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped. We came up with horizontal management. The Board will now consist of “internal” employees — those who, relatively speaking, in the field. The managers of sites, projects, directions plus delegated from the team of Tutors and the team of master teachers. We canceled the job position “President”. Now we make these changes. Our lawyer has already filed the documents about the changes in the Charter. I’m the founder, but directs the Foundation, the Board and Executive Director Lena Gilbert — she’s a veteran of the Fund, despite his youth.— Why did you leave your leadership positions? — It happened after I was subjected to what is called “defamation in social networks”, and found that it is very scary. It was a pretty sharp reaction to endless arguments about my “status”, “posts” and “privileges”. Both of these institutions I made up and created from scratch. In one of them (“Session”), I always was, along with the team, not the “head” and “workhorse”. Another in the “Anton” — all volunteer, never wages did not get a penny. But to explain all of this is meaningless. Perhaps this decision I wanted to prove that “privilege” in such cases is the same — to work up a sweat, and titles do not matter.The response from the parent community struck me, and caused a feeling of guilt, especially when you started receiving hundreds of letters from parents from all over the country. And I have so many declarations of love received from members of the Fund, current and former. Rash the phrase “I’m leaving the Fund” instead of “I leave the post of President of the Foundation” made them worry. You know, it’s not some of my power or greatness, and that the very existence of the Fund “Anton near here” is important for parents, it gives them hope and strength to support them. The Foundation still connected to them with my name…Photo: Fund “Anton near here”— Defamation in social networks was partly connected with the film “Dau”? — Events that have now caused such a heated discussion happened 12 years ago in 2008. Then there was no Fund and we operator Alisher homehowever filmed by Anton (Anton Kharitonov, a young man with autism, which is the Love of Arkus made a film “Anton near here”.— “Kommersant”). One of the filming took place in the Palace at Chesme Church, this organization was called the “Space of joy”, where people with mental characteristics studied by psychologists and volunteers.In parallel with my shots Ilya (Ilya Hrzhanovsky Director. “B”) started shooting his new film “Dau” in Kharkov, and in the evenings we often discussed over the phone. I saw that he was at a loss — the company has been, and the traditional language, which was required for the biographical film on the physics of Lev Landau, he did not fit. Elijah — a man of inconceivable ambitious art he was quite the nonconformist, goes to the edge, and — what I especially want to mention for all of his critics with them to this edge are only those who want to. Who does not want — jumps down from the steps. But stay with Ilya extraordinary people, a great mind and enormous will.Ilya said that all the actors and characters, which he offered on the role of physicists are not suitable. Looking for the unusual, weird people are geniuses — they should be differently arranged. He knew I was making a movie about people with autism. And asked them to send shooting. Soon he was back: “It’s brilliant! These are the same people”. I tied with Ilya Sharov Galya, a famous psychologist, for many years she deals with people with autism, and all the guys from my material well knew. Then I’m offuchilas and continued his shooting. All further discussion took place without me. Did you know that happened on set? — No, I continued to shoot Anton. After some time I called my mother Dima Kiselev (one of the young men with autism who participated in the filming of “Dow”.— “B”) and said, “I Galya gave your phone number, I want to say a huge thank you because those were the best days of our lives”.— And where did the information that people with autism were beaten there? My personal hell started from the screenshots forwarded to me from Facebook one blogger. I had to leave all their work (and Fund, and a “Session”, and the movie), it was a crime, because during a pandemic the number of cases and responsibilities for each project has increased ten times. But I could not answer outright slander. We made a lot of material about these shots, it can be found on the website of “Session”. There’s an interview with the mother of one of the guys video from the set, eyewitness accounts, expert opinions of professionals working with people with autism, about how the boys behave on set, how they are feeling.Now he is suing the people who claimed that we “passed autistics rental is a dubious uncle.” The libel suit is a necessary measure, because we are talking about our reputation. Maybe after this process people will start to finally use the abilities of their mind while interacting on social networks. It would be a real victory.But after the publication in “the Session” history has not ended. A new wave: “It is a disgrace to Fund his tantrums, Impossible to imagine that Chulpan Khamatova has been sued for the money Fund,” “Do the lawyer of the Fund have the time to engage in such nonsense?”… But it’s not nonsense! For a small Fund, behind which there are no corporations, nor the state, reputation is the main and only capital. The trail from last year’s article on “Medusa” is still run by the Foundation, creating huge difficulties for us.Photo: Fund “Anton near here”— I think you are biased to the publication’s “Medusa”. Perhaps due to the fact that she is connected personally with Anton. For example, I did not see in it anything that would discredit the Foundation. — In that article was no libel: just the accents were arranged in such a way that the readers, among whom were donors, has developed a completely wrong impression about Anton, his father, about the Fund’s role in the life of Anton. Had everyone questioning and indignant repeatedly to explain: no, dad is not an alcoholic; no, Anton does not live with dad, five days a week he is fully in charge of the Fund: all day in the centre “Anton near here”, and then in the apartment with the accompanied accommodation. And honestly, Yes, I was hurt because of the image of Anton in this article. Them direct does not lie. This is a snapshot of the picture, which transmits the external features and does not share a huge fact. After all, Alisher Hamidhodzhaev in our film is not “prettified” Anton — the founder of God’s gift of an outstanding operator, he managed to penetrate the very essence of inner man what Anton is.I’m in the first week next to Anton nothing but illness (and actually barbaric medical “therapy”) are not seen. Anton needs to spend more than three hours and many days to open, so you could understand it. Anton is a tale “Beauty and the beast.” You will see a handsome Prince, only if you love him and bear a hundred shoes to reveal himself to you.But it’s too difficult, I understand. Then why take? And why take to describe the family with which you spent hours?— The fact that modern journalists in Russia there is no opportunity to stay close to heroes month, and then write the material. This is a big problem: should a journalist give out a lot of materials, otherwise it is “unprofitable”. — Then do not take on such topics. And if you undertake, then spend time and make people feel the character of your material.”I am totally against any kind of violence”— in Addition to history with “Dow”, there was another scandal on the network, when you argued with someone from feminists about the Holocaust. — Not about the Holocaust, and about research misconduct. About glaring historical mistakes. This story is directly related to “Dau”. After accusing us that we are “renting autistic for rent” to my Facebook began to receive unknown users and make aggressive comments. They are becoming more. At this time, I held a charity marathon in favour of families Foundation “Anton near here”. It’s a pretty stressful job, and in between the endless calls you’re either playing solitaire or are in the midst a Facebook procrastination. In the framework of this procrastination I decided to see who wrote me those comments. On one page I saw a report on the suffering of women during the Holocaust. I quickly looked at it. The author claimed that in 1935 there was a mass sterilization of Jews in Germany, men and women. Men endured is easier, and women heavier and further in detail explained why. I was amazed and argued. For several reasons, I know well the history of the Third Reich. In 1935, could not happen any the mass sterilization of Jews. In 1935 they were still able to get out of Germany. Moreover, they pushed for this. Mass sterilization were subjected to non Jewish women, and women and men with mental disabilities, because by the time it came out two laws — the law on the protection of the blood (prohibition of mixed marriages) and the law on the prevention of birth sweat��of mstfa with hereditary diseases. That is, women with mental or intellectual disabilities were sterilized, because the Nazis believed that they can give birth to children with down syndrome, schizophrenia, multiple disabilities. Speech on sterilization of Jewish women was not. And after the outbreak of the Second world war, they didn’t need to sterilize, because they are simply destroyed. Why such a substitution was necessary to the author? Because like gender studies a much more promising theme of “Gender and the Holocaust” than, for example, “Gender and mental disabilities.” My emotional reaction was tied to two things. First, I am deeply upset and horrified by the attitude of modern scholars to research. My teacher Maya Turovskaya always said if you want to Express something non-obvious has not yet become common place, it is impossible for the reinforcement of their thoughts to refer to other people’s articles. In such cases, you can only reference documents.Photo: Fund “Anton near here” do You mean to say that there is no documentary evidence of this theme? At least, the author only refers to the wrong article. Let me give you an example. In 2018 I was working on a documentary about the siege cameraman. And there the most important part of the story was largely unexplored fate of the besieged Chronicles. I had to spend almost two years in search of a single document in which I found the final confirmation of what I already knew, from eyewitness accounts, diaries, letters, memoirs. But this document made the point. However, the second, and the main thing that angered me in this report— the substitution of concepts in relation to mental disabilities. And in 1935 in Germany and in 2020 in Russia mentally disabled people not “in trend.”— All of you said, I realized that actually conflict with feminism as an ideology you have? — I have a General conflict with the concept of “ideology.” I ideologies do not recognize, I have to idiosyncrasy. I’m more about what you need to take responsibility for the work that you do. But if you brought (as I had in 2008) to advocacy, it is important to be clear about what you’re protecting, and against what you’re fighting. I’ve said a hundred times that we are in the “Anton near here” ‘re not a charity, we work to protect the rights of people with mental disabilities, primarily autism. I can very clearly list what and why we struggle.They say that in feminism there is a constructive flow. But they are not active in social networks, they are engaged in science and business. I want to figure it out, I wonder. And “network activity” — mainly aggressive — I understand what “feminism” today in Russia?— The same as always. The struggle for women’s rights. — I am sincerely trying to understand��b: what rights? Here our Foundation is fighting for the rights of people with autism. And I can tell you what rights we are fighting for reform STUMPS as the only “host” system; for the law on the distributed custody; that inclusion was not only on paper but in reality.We struggle to PMPC (psychological, medical and pedagogical Commission.— “B”) could not make decisions about the educational route of the child based on papers which were written by people who know nothing about these children. We are fighting for the right to education. For the right of people with autism to be treated in hospitals of General type. I can enumerate still for a long time. And what exactly feminists are fighting?Photo: Fund “Anton near here”— for Example, against domestic violence. Why is it called feminism? To deal with domestic violence and not be a feminist. I am totally against any kind of violence, the topic of autism, I came by chance, and could be recorded and the subject of family violence, because this is a critical topic. And it is not only violence against women but also against children and against the elderly and against the same mental disabilities.Look what happened to us last week. One of the sites of our project “Evacuation” (in the framework of the project “Evacuation” St. Petersburg NGO took 26 people with mental disabilities at the time of the pandemic, from boarding schools to the residences accompanied by a stay.— “B”) — apartment on the prospectus of Engels that we rent for five years. In peacetime, training is the so-called flat, in which students with autism (all visitors of the center “Anton near here” called the students.— “B”) learn life without parents and all kinds of domestic skills, and they are accompanied by our staff. At the time of a pandemic when the students had gone home, we settled there five young men from a boarding school with multiple developmental disorders. They were accompanied by shifts employees “Anton near here” and “Prospects.” The resistance of the occupants of the house began immediately. Our children with autism looks no different from ordinary people. But when the tenants saw people in wheelchairs, with them just kind of falling happened.Our lawyer went to resolve the conflicts. And the last one is not razrulil. Our employee Natasha Alekseeva returned from a walk with medinol in a wheelchair and faced with neighbors who initially kept shouting at her, calling “NIT” and “creature”, and then a 50-year-old man, 120 kg weight, poked Natasha punched in the nose, broke his glasses. Madina screaming and crying, Natasha, obviously in a state of shock fought back. The police call didn’t come. And here I am writing about this case, endlessly reading reviews and along with huge support reading those comments about that girl’s fault that she is Naxi��s provoked. And tell me why in these days, we never called the representatives of the feminist organizations? I have the answer to this question. Because they are only interested in “ideology”, they are not interested in the young Natasha, nor Madina with severe disabilities, nor even any specific female.— In General, I do not know much of the modern feminist agenda, but it seems to me, it has changed little over the last hundred years. Just as before, they are fighting for equal rights with men, because in many countries men have more opportunities to work than women, and pay them more. In the center is my mother, which now drive our employees to walk with hyperactive children. We bring them food, renting a cottage for the summer. They live completely powerless, in a strange apartment. There was violence in the family, the woman left her husband and trying to cope alone with three children. And here it is, two months was locked with children in the apartment, because all playgrounds are closed, walking was impossible. And there is no money. Can I be for this girl to fight for her children?And who’s actually a feminist: I, or fighters for feminitiy, panoptica and other ghostly problems? I fight for women’s rights. For the rights of specific women.For the rights of mothers of children with autism, young and old. For young girls with autism are under our care today, their 22. Would never have occurred to me to count how many we have girls with autism, but are now specifically considered.You know, I don’t like my categorical. She caused solely by the aggression that has befallen me. In fact, I still have a lot of thinking on these issues and understand them. Perhaps it was the fact that in the modern world now everything is very bad. The so-called old ethics gave the person the support. Support was internal responsibility for their lives, for their actions. Old ethics in the face of Joseph Alexandrovich Brodsky, for example, said: “to avoid to ascribe victim status”. The “new ethics” allows the person, and sometimes forces him to look guilty, to be offended. In 2018, we made this room “the Session” — “the Time of ressentiment”.”We are building a stairway to heaven”Photo: Fund “Anton near here”— That will change from personnel changes in the magazine “the Session” and the Fund “Anton near here”? — “Session” ‘ll be fine without me, everything worked out. The team, which is completely understandable tools, hold them perfectly. However, I’m sure my students, as I live, you need my help and advice. In addition, I remain on the Board and in the editorial Board as they are an ordinary member. Perhaps, as the founder of the journal will be able to rely sometimes on the “special opinion”. However, in recent years I have not often had the need to “enable”. And I will continue to do books, resource ��Stora Patriotic movie “Chapaev”, participate in brainstorming.With the Fund the situation is more complicated. In pandemic Fund as if passed the test, and the whole team knows it. We began to do much more than quarantine. Of course, to continue work in a former mode was impossible. Our center was closed, like many organizations, because we were afraid of the people, because all students of the center for elderly parents. But we have translated the classes Zoom. And there wasn’t a day for the whole spring, when our guys would had nothing to do. They days are painted, as students of the University, a full-fledged distance learning. They do sports, music, are communicative and educational trainings, communicate with Tutors and each other. We support Zoom and parents. In addition, we have created the chat “Roll call”: every week, each family should report how they’re doing what they need or don’t need. Most need very much. Many parents have lost their jobs, some loans-mortgage. Therefore, we deliver food, medicine, household goods, some parents temporarily to help pay monthly mortgage payments. And that’s not all. We make masks. Campy masks, with quotes,— for sale, and masks for doctors and HDPE — free. We always get orders for masks. We feed the whole Department Botkin hospital, 50-70 Lunches prepared daily by our chefs centres. Together with “Prospects” (the charity organization “Prospects”.— “Kommersant”), we brought 26 people from boarding schools and resettle them on their sites. Several guys from these 26 found cowed and our staff who stayed in contact, went to the observation.When it was reported that in the Pavlovsk orphanage for children with multiple disabilities — an outbreak of coronavirus, I wrote in the chat information letter that if it is confirmed, we will need volunteers. I never told anybody, because it is a choice and a private matter. I, for example, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and I’m on strict isolation. But 90% of employees “Anton” wrote me private messages that they are ready to go volunteers in Pavlovsky DD. It is a work which our staff are not used, because it requires a lot of physical care, but they were not afraid. In General, I think we have a gold team.The problem of the Foundation not in the team. And the fact that we are dealing with very large and completely solved in our country the problem. Systematic problem. We are building a stairway to heaven, you know?We don’t rely on that. Not one to write off the words. For us there are no businesses. Businesses like system charity. All want to they drew of the presentation, as we change the world. And if we are helping 150 families in St. Petersburg, it does not look to change “the system��s”.I often explain that the autism problem can only be solved by one thing: human resources. That 80% of the Fund’s budget is staff salaries with taxes. And that employees need more and more, so we had something to be solved systemically. Is the center “Anton near here” at the Trinity square. And at the same time may not be more than 25-30 children with autism. There with them working the same number of neurotypical people, Tutors and teachers. Some of our students have achieved tremendous results, and we translate them to another center on Nevsky Prospekt, where they already receive for their work wages. It is a protected employment. We have 12 workshops, but few of their students can we call graduates. Although many of them have learned to travel in public transport, to prepare, to work, to serve oneself, to help others, someone learned how to speak. Many work in our workshops as professionals. But the external market is still no one waiting. Only the most successful can be arranged. We have these four for all time. Lesha gerasimchuka the four years we paid for a private music education, and last year achieved that Sergei Slonimsky (people’s artist of Russia, composer.— “Y”) heard it and said immediately to take the composition Department at the St. Petersburg Conservatory. Alex arrived and the winter session has passed on some five. But what does that mean for the Fund? On the one hand, this Lesin and our great success. On the other hand, the increase of the budget with him to the Conservatory every day turns two of our collaborators. Because without the support of Alex can not.In our center today is the turn of 500 people. But how will we get them? Where we will release those who are studying there now? On the street? Home again, in eternal isolation?Autism is not treated. Ends. It forever. You can help the person to live in society, but this will need a lifetime. So we need more and more new workshops. Small, with some clear business plan, so they went at least zero. And for that we need people, which is all built. And we need some initial investment. So far nothing that we have. And anyway, this summer we open separate workshops on outsourcing — profit they are not waiting, but I hope that the cost of rent, masters, Tutors will pay off. And our sewing workshop on Nevsky already reached profitability, then we will open the new workshops and will employ new students. This is the prevention of ingress to the school. We do everything that people didn’t get there.— What has changed in the lives of people with autism during a pandemic? — Treatment of mentally disabled persons in hospitals of General type, not related to their primary diagnosis, it was always a nightmare in our country. The story kovida just exposed Yes��but the existing problem. Person with mental disorders in the XXI century in a civilized country, it is impossible to get help with dignity to be treated in a hospital of General type. It turns out that if a person has a mental illness, he did not seem sick with pancreatitis, gastritis, pyelonephritis. In General hospitals for not only the psychiatric.Photo: Fund “Anton near here”I Have the experience to treat my mum and Anton. All of my mother’s illness related to eyes, heart, joints, we were treated quite well. But she was treated in an ordinary hospital, I always had to rent a separate house and pay for accompanying a nurse as a patient. Well, that my profession allows me to take an additional “gig”. But there are people who live from paycheck to paycheck. Im like to be with their relatives in this situation? The same with Anton. Any medical problem it is always only individual paid, support. But to organize it is very difficult, few people want to mess with uncomfortable patients.We knew from the beginning that Kovalam will be hell. Imagine that there are people with a serious mental disorder or simply problem behavior, which, unlike neurotypical patient can not lie quietly. And here he contracted Kovalam. How to treat it? Accompanying the hospital is not allowed. Who is going to care for it? We asked the officials to devote in hospitals, where treating covid, a special Department, which would have been the same treatment options as in other: CT, internists, pulmonologists, IVL — all that is necessary for anyone, but in this case there could come our volunteers, employees, relatives. Instead, people from orphanages, psychiatric hospitals, home mentally disabled were brought to two psychiatric hospitals with no CT or respiratory therapist, and therapists are much less than you need. And the problem here now is not officials. I often see that many officials are doing their best. But what would you do if you were a great Director of the orphanage, empathic officer or a bona fide doctor, you’re kind of in this system can not change anything. It is necessary to change the system.