An 80-year-old is said to have killed his 82-year-old roommate in a retirement home in Gundelfingen in Bavaria. On the night of Wednesday, the victim was found dead in his room, as the police headquarters in Swabia North announced on Friday in Augsburg. The man therefore had significant head injuries, which suggest a previous act of violence.

The 80-year-old suspect and the dead man are said to be severely ill with dementia, which police say could be the cause of the incident. The 80-year-old was arrested. The police are investigating a homicide. At the request of the public prosecutor, the Augsburg district court issued a placement order on Friday, and the man is now in a psychiatric hospital.

In a total of 14 districts in three federal states, the German weather service warns with the red alert. At the moment it is still unusually warm. But next week it should finally snow significantly – at least in the mountains.

The founder of the steakhouse chain “Block House”, Eugen Block, worries about his kidnapped grandchildren. His former son-in-law took the children to Denmark but did not bring them back.