Senator Alexei Pushkov in his Twitter account said that the words of the commander of naval forces of Ukraine Alexey Neiipp about the preparation of war with Russia should not be taken seriously.

As reported by “the Rambler”, Neiipp previously stated that Ukraine is preparing for full-scale military confrontation with Russia, which will be many casualties. He also did not rule out that Russia may attempt to break through to the South of the Kherson region of Ukraine, to keep water from the Dnieper North-Crimean canal.

“the Statement of the commander of the naval forces of Ukraine should not be taken seriously. This is a rhetorical provocation”, – said Alexei Pushkov.

In his opinion, Niigata seeks to “maintain a high degree of tension between Ukraine and Russia.”

“Ukraine Navy as such. The commander commanded only the old boats. But pobahvalitsya want,” said the Senator.