Will cancel the League season, or be pulled in all the games?

Borussia-legend Winfried Schaefer (70) is moved around a lot, knows appointment-Chaos.

The “wild Winnie” has already worked as Coach in Germany (e.g. Karlsruhe), Cameroon, Azerbaijan, Thailand, Jamaica and Iran. Since July 2019 Schaefer is now training in the United Arab Emirates Baniya SC.

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IMAGE reached the “wild Winnie” on the phone in Abu Dhabi: “After a two-spirit was interrupted also play here because of the Corona of the season. We are all waiting for more.”

Schäfer has participated as a professional in 1970 and itself is a season with plenty of date-Chaos – and since then the only Bundesliga player who has won in a year, the Double with two different Clubs!

► Due to the already in may, beginning world Cup in Mexico, the DFB was Cup only ended in August.

Schaefer recalls: “With Borussia we were Champions in may for the first Time in German. After that, I wanted to go to Cologne. In the holidays I read then, but in the IMAGE that the FC-Stars Wolfgang Overath and Heinz Flohe Heinz Simmet against the obligation of a mid-field player have very. After my return, I am, therefore, to Cologne, ‘ve torn my pre-and am changed to Offenbach. the The coronation was that we brought the Cup in the final, then, of all things, against Cologne and Overath…