Boris Johnson lashed out because of the pandemic Covid 19

yesterday, Johnson sent heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery after a serious infection Соvid-19, but, judging by the explosive reaction in the political circles of the country, were forced to change grace into wrath.

the British weekly “Sunday Times” showed Johnson a list of his failures. The Prime Minister did not heed the warning by China the world health organization about the unprecedented outbreak of inflammatory lung diseases. Johnson was sunbathing under the sun on a private island in the Caribbean, celebrating Chinese New year. The first meeting of the coronavirus took place only in mid-January, scientists had already convinced the politicians that the threat of the virus seems to be more than serious. They strongly stressed that the country will have to close on quarantine. However, Britain is not closed: the health Minister Matt Hancock has assured that the risk to British nationals is very low.

Boris Johnson, as it turns out today, missed five meetings of COBRA, on which the advisers of higher rank to discuss the critical situation in the country. These meetings were at an early stage of the epidemic, when it was possible to prevent its total scope. Assistants Johnson was ordered to provide the information in abbreviated form, if they want it to be read.

it is not without its share of sarcasm, said “the Sunday Times”, the head of the government lately has been more concerned with personal Affairs – in particular, the registration of divorce with the former spouse and the marriage with the bride Kerry Symonds, expecting a baby.

However, preparation for possible epidemics in recent years have been removed from the schedules of the high officials and because of the crisis in the National Health Service of the United Kingdom. This system clearly could not stand, not stand up and to this day, loads of because of the lack of staff and apparent lack of Finance. The shortfall became Britain’s chronic ever since, when flow came to power the Conservative party of the country was transferred to the austerity of everything.

Recalling the revelation of the senior adviser of the office of the Prime Minister, whose name the publication is not given, “the Sunday Times” noted that in the early stages of the epidemic coronavirus Johnson “not presided at any of the meetings, he loved to get out of town on vacation and didn’t work on weekends “.

In comments to the above in Britain was to splash a lot of sore on the part razrulivaniya Johnson one of the most dramatic crises that has ever faced the UK. Tweeted member of Parliament from the labour party Charlotte Nichols wrote: “…Some absolutely stunning revelations in the “Sunday Times” about how the government poorly managed the pandemic… I can only cry”.