take a stroll together through the streets of London, only have eyes for each other, and the exchange of caresses. All can see: The daughter of Tennis legend Boris Becker (51), Anna Ermakova (19), is in love!

It is the first official friend of the model. According to the “Colorful” it is since February, with the unknown Beau and “totally happy”. For more Details about him are not known.

The magazine describes the Becker-friend as a “big-City-Bohemian with wide-open shirt, casual cigarette and wild growth on the face”. Anna had adapted to him on the outside already: you’ll be less dressed up and classy as usual.

Cupid gave her in February Gas

Anna Ermakova your loved one at the Uni meet? The 19-Year-old is studying in London, recently, art, runs thus, in other circles as “only” in the trendy fashion circles. Cupid must have quite a nice Gas, because in January she said: “of Course I liked some men, but it has never really fitted properly. Maybe I’m almodisch, but I do believe in love at first sight.” Now Bobbeles “daughter by love’s arrow had been taken” apparently. (wyt)