Uli Hoeneß was booked as a top speaker at a tax conference in Munich. But only a few hours after it became known, the organizers withdrew.

Former Bayern man Uli Hoeneß was scheduled to be a speaker at the StB Expo in Munich on June 27, 2023. The trade fair on the subject of taxes will take place next year in Hamburg, Cologne and in the Bavarian capital. Hoeneß is not only the FCB patron and successful entrepreneur, but also a convicted tax evader. The public outrage after the news broke was correspondingly great.

The organizers felt compelled to act only a few hours later. In a statement, they said: “The StB Expo is an industry event that deals with a wide range of digitization issues in tax consulting firms – including IT infrastructure and recruitment issues.” subject of the event.

And further: “Uli Hoeneß was invited by us, just like the key note speakers Deniz Aytekin in Hamburg and Jochen Schweizer in Cologne, as a guest speaker to the event in Munich to talk about important aspects of entrepreneurship.” Here it goes about questions such as employee motivation, decision-making power and entrepreneurship in general. Topics on which Uli Hoeneß in particular can say a lot due to his many years of experience as an entrepreneur.

But: “After intensive discussions, including with Uli Hoeneß’s speaker agency, we have now mutually decided to refrain from Mr. Hoeneß appearing at the StB Expo in Munich,” according to the organizers. “Unfortunately, due to the most recent discussions, the content of the StB Expo has faded into the background too much. With this decision, we ensure that interest is once again focused solely on the trade fair and the products and services presented there.”

There is already a replacement for Hoeneß: “Tax Fabi”, a well-known influencer, is to take over the Hoeneß part.