Celebrities, it’s Léa Seydoux (34) for the second time, to see it as a Bondgirl in ‘No ‘ Time To die’. Her Madeleine Swann, however, is not the typical leeghoofdige don’t forget that we are open. Not surprising, really, as the show does on a regular basis on behalf of women’s rights, and MeToo. “I never thought that I could not do it because I’m a woman.”

Who “Bondgirl” is said, think of a lot of beautiful women, who often have little more to do than to be willing to be with the hero, James Bond, the people in the course. However, according to actress Léa Seydoux, who for the second time and as a Bondgirl plays, it’s about time that we take that picture, put to adjust: “We didn’t come here to make Bonds, sexuality is to be fulfilled,” she said in Harper’s Bazaar. “The one thing we have forgotten is that James Bond is also a sexual object. Yes, of course! It is one of the few male characters are, perhaps, the only one which geseksualiseerd to be. I think that women like to Bond and to watch, isn’t it? His body can be seen. Don’t you think? I love sexy men in speedos to be seen.”

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It is very clear that Léa Seydoux is not a mind-shy. The actress has also been very strong, even if it’s less enjoyable experiences. In 2017, she wrote an article for The Guardian in which she talked about how Harvey Weinstein had told her, trying to kiss each other. She described how at different times to see how he and the women were trying to convince you to have sex with him. In addition, lijstte they can also be caused by the other directors-at – all calling their name and telling them all about her negative experiences with the director, Abdellatif Kechiche. They worked together on the film “Blue is the Warmest Color,” and Kechiche demanded of his actresses, to be a seksscène day in and day out to the movies. “I felt like a prostitute,” said Seydoux about it.

I just think that men are scared of it.

Léa Seydoux

However, the actress ‘suspicious of the current MeToo-the move, which is a kind of slachtoffermentaliteit has turned up,” she said. “There is so much hypocrisy. After all, people knew about it! And now they get an advantage out of it by saying, ” yes, Yes, I am a victim, they are suddenly heroes. Come on! In my opinion, would be a hero and be forgiven.” That is, forgiveness does for the men who have for years abused their positions, and the various women are abused, and it bothers her. “And what do you know?”, says Seydoux stunned. “Their life is over because they have done it? Are they all dead? We have the forgiveness that is needed, is it?”