Bolshunov and company

the national team consisted of 39 people. They are divided into four training groups, headed by Marcus Kramer (9 people), Victor Borodavko (10), Oleg Perevozchikov (8) and Egor Sorin (12).

the world Cup-2019/2020 Alexander Bolshunov and Natalia Nepryaeva, who became third in the women’s classification, as before, will train under the guidance of Borodavko. Two-time world champion Sergey Ustyugov remained under the command of Marcus Kramer. Although there was talk that Ustyugov can change the group. According to the same Kramer, President FLGR Elena Vyalbe wanted Sergei Ustyugov and Alexander Bolshunov trained together.

Another important point to be stressed separately, the team returned Anastasia Kuleshova (Sedov) and Iuliia Stupak (Belorukova), who missed last season because of pregnancy. Both, for a moment, – Olympic bronze medalists for the 2018 and silver – world Cup 2019 in the relay. According to Vyalbe, without them “it was hard”. And rightly so: in the overall standings of the world Cup best Russian woman after Garaevoy, Alice Gambarova, occupied only 35-e a place.

Meanwhile remains not clear, in what form will the upcoming season. According to the flight Director for the International Federation of ski sports Pierre Miniera dell’argentiera, in the most optimistic scenario the world Cup calendar will have to thoroughly reduce. The worst scenario involves the complete abolition of the season. It is logical that the national team of Russia does not hurry to write a training plan.

“Certainty about training plans because of the situation there, nothing we didn’t talk, – quotes the words Vyalbe “R-Sport”. – I think that even before June is not worth any serious plans to build knowing sanatoria, dispensaries, hotels are closed until that date. I don’t think we used Jun centrally together, but in June is not particularly planned, although we have had a long – standing tradition of collecting in Estonia, otepää. A lot of talk about the world Cup, which can be reduced, but officially yet nothing.”

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