Graham King, Oscar-winning producer of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, and John Logan, screenwriter for “Gladiator,” are currently working on a biopic about Michael Jackson. Joe Drake, Lionsgate’s chairman, announced Monday that the film will be distributed worldwide by the studio.

According to the studio, the film will “in-depth portrayal” of the “complicated man who became the King Of Pop”, and will also bring to life his “most memorable performances as it gives an informed insight into his artistic process.” John Branca and John McClain are also producing the film, which is co-executive produced by the Michael Jackson estate.

After a string of court victories that ended serious legal crises, the Jackson business has been in good shape.

In 2019, the HBO documentary ” Leave Neverland” raised new allegations of child molestation. Changes in the law have revived the once-dead lawsuits filed by the men featured in it. It took years for a decision to be reached in the estate’s appeal against a $700 million tax bill. The claims of both tax evaders were dismissed, and a decision in the tax case reduced the bill significantly.

Two of the men in the documentary are appealing against the dismissal of their lawsuits. HBO has defended “Leaving Neverland,” a valuable piece of documentary journalism.

Partly because Jackson was acquitted at his 2005 child molestation case, the judge awarded the estate a victory in its tax case.

Branca & McClain have managed to bring in $2.5 Billion in revenues over the past 11 years. Jackson, who died at 50 after taking a fatal dose of propofol, has been the highest-earning deceased celebrity for every year.

The film’s director and cast were not announced. However, the names behind the film suggest that the focus is on the potential for awards. Logan and Graham worked together on “The Aviator,” which earned them both Oscar nominations.

King stated that he first met the Jacksons in 1981, and was humbled to be able to carry their legacy to the big screen. “I couldn’t have imagined 38 years ago that I would be able to participate in this film as I sat at Dodger Stadium, watching the Victory Tour.

Katherine Jackson, Jackson’s mother, stated in a statement, “Ever Since Michael was Little, as a member Of The Jackson 5, he loved The Magic of Cinema… As a Family, we are honored that our life story is brought to life on the big screen.”