When searching for the missing youth from Remshalden near Stuttgart, investigators found a body on Thursday. The sad certainty came on Friday: It is 16-year-old Julia W. Third-party negligence is ruled out – the police assume a suicide.

According to the police, a body found on Thursday is the missing 16-year-old student Julia W. from Remshalden (Rems-Murr district). According to the police report on Friday afternoon, the police exclude third-party negligence. The youth appears to have committed suicide. That emerges from the autopsy.

During a large-scale search for the missing 16-year-old from Remshalden near Stuttgart, investigators discovered a body on Thursday. The police discovered the dead person on Thursday around 11.20 a.m. in a forest between Oberlenningen and Hochwang, the “SWR” continued. Two of the rescue dogs are said to have followed Julia’s scent trail from the train station in Oberlenningen to near the current location last weekend, reports “Bild”. But they would have lost her.

During the search on Thursday, the girl’s personal belongings were found in the bushes about 50 meters from where the body was found, according to “Bild”. According to the newspaper, the police held a man in the back seat of a patrol car. The soles of his shoes were compared to prints from the forest path. Now the suspicion has not been substantiated.

The teenager had disappeared over a week ago. She left her parents’ house on January 24, but instead of going to her school, she took the train to Kirchheim unter Teck. In a photo from the surveillance camera, she was still there, according to the “image”. From there she boarded the Teckbahn in the direction of Lenningen. After that, their trail was lost. “According to our information, the missing person deliberately did not go to school on Tuesday – she probably told schoolmates that,” said the police spokesman.

Most recently, the investigators had set up a so-called anonymous tip system, with the help of which witnesses can easily report via the Internet. A man was identified as a witness on Thursday, the spokesman said. He got on the train with the missing person and could possibly provide information about where the girl wanted to go. The person concerned is not a suspect.

So far, the Red Cross, a helicopter and the mountain rescue service have been looking in vain for the 16-year-old for days on sometimes difficult terrain. According to police information, a search operation between Kirchheim unter Teck and Oberlenningen was planned on Thursday – during this operation the officials then found the body.

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