Regardless of what corresponds in the Danish national board of Health new schema, the child in school. Only infected children should home.

Soon open Denmark again for the kindergartens and the smallest classes in the school, and it has created concern among several parents who are reluctant to send the children away, while coronavirusset still spread in the society.

on Wednesday came the national board of Health as guidelines for how the reopening will happen.

Here, one can see a so-called flowchart, which is made to the country’s schools.

Flowchartet shows when the child will in school. Usually used a flowchart, when there are several different options. But what is the equivalent in the Health flowchart, if the child is in school.

even if a student’s classmate is infected, and the pupil lives in a family with a person at risk.

Niels Sandø, there is enhedschef in the national board of Health, recognizing that the presentation of the guidelines possibly should have been different.

– When you look at the flowchartet, I can well understand that it looks a bit strange out, that no matter what answer is the same: “the Child must be in school”.

– You can consider on whether to use a flowchart when the answer is always the same. It may be well to discuss.

– But it does not change anything, that the child enters school. It is not a risikosted, and certainly not with all of the requirements we have placed on hygiene and distance, says Niels Sandø.

It is thus quite according to plan, that the board advise all to come in the school, says Niels Sandø.

– that’s How it is in the day – also in the health service. You must check that there are no symptoms, but you can go to school. You should only stay home if one is sick, he says.

however, There may be special cases, sounds it.

– In the starting in the school. You must take note of the fact that there is in the starting point. There may be special cases, he says.

the Guidelines that the siblings of vulnerable citizens still have to come in the school, although there is found a smittetilfælde in the class, wondering why the president of several apartments, Simon an abstract clothing style Jespersen.

– The statement must be a mistake, otherwise I can not imagine, he writes on Twitter.

lacking a definitive clarification on the issue of whether the children or spouses of persons in the risk group, must still be in school, said minister for children and education), Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil (S) on Wednesday.

– We have received the recommendations from the Danish Health and medicines authority and must subsequently have made a decision about what we should do here, she said.

Niels Sandø do not believe there to be changed.

– One should always be open. But immediately there must be a good reason for it. It to get in the school is not in itself a particular risk, he says.

Question: But the minister has the opportunity to change it?

– I shall not say anything about how she can or should act. I can just say what our guidelines are, he says.