In the automotive segment, the loss before interest and taxes in the first quarter at EUR 310 million, as the group announced on Tuesday in Munich. A year ago, BMW had made it here yet 1.88 billion Euro profit.

The Munich-based for the EU antitrust proceedings around allegedly unfair, the German car maker in terms of Exhaust gas follow-up of 1.4 billion euros. At the beginning of April, BMW had already indicated, to more than a billion euros to spend on this. This year, BMW expects to now only with a margin – that is, the share of the operating profit on sales before interest and taxes of 4.5 to 6.5 per cent in the automotive business, as the company specified. In 2018, it had still amounted to 7.2 percent.

in addition to the Provision for a possible antitrust penalty, BMW continues to be a burden to the difficult environment in the automotive industry, as well as higher expenditures for research and development. Group-wide sales fell by 0.9 percent to 22.5 billion euros, the earnings before interest and taxes amounted to 589 million euros, almost 80 percent lower. Below-the-line BMW earned with 588 million euros, only around a quarter of the net Income from the prior-year period.