The three companies can now respond to the charges. The EU Commission had begun to 2017 preliminary studies of the car manufacturers, and was also with the manufacturers of representations. The formal investigation it had initiated in 2018.

The Individual should have the auto makers with the introduction of SCR catalysts for diesel engines, and of fine dust-particulate filters for petrol engines (OPF) in an unauthorized manner agreed, the EU Commission announced in Brussels on Friday on the Basis of the preliminary results of the investigation. These agreements had been taken at a Meeting of the automobile manufacturers in the so-called 5-circles.

competition in innovation is restricted

The company had restricted competition in innovation in Europe in the case of these two exhaust gas cleaning systems, and the consumer is thus denied the opportunity to buy environmentally – friendly vehicles- even though they had the technology, shared with the competition authorities. Should confirm the suspicion finally, it would be a violation of European antitrust law – even if it was not a question of price-fixing.

Potential breaches of environmental regulations were not part of the proceedings, it was said. The investigations were, in addition, regardless of ongoing investigations about of prosecutors to use improper shutdown of the facilities of the car manufacturer.

the fight for leniency status

Both Daimler as well as Volkswagen had to known to be made of the allegations in the past year, the application for leniency. The key witness in antitrust proceedings can leave on the biggest criminal or even the criminal of freedom of hope. In the extreme case, up to 10 percent of the annual worldwide turnover can be due. (SDA/pbe)