Bloomberg has invested in the presidential campaign of 464 million dollars from its own funds

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, the candidate in US presidents from Democratic party, as of the end of January has invested more than 464 million dollars in his campaign, CNN reports.

in January, the tycoon had spent more than 220,6 million dollars. A large part of the money he sent to is to quickly assemble a campaign staff, which now numbers more than 2,000. In total, Bloomberg has spent 409 million dollars since November, when he entered the race, until the end of January.

in January, Bloomberg spent 126,5 million dollars on television advertising. Even to 45.4 million dollars spent on digital advertising, more than half of whom had on Facebook.

Almost half a billion dollars that Bloomberg donated to his campaign at the end of January, much higher than the costs of other wealthy candidates. The US President Donald trump, who partly financed his campaign in 2016 have spent a little more than $ 66 million from its own funds and relies on donations from others to Finance his re-election.

on Thursday, trump and the national Committee of the Republican party stated that their joint effort to raise funds brought in January of 60.5 million dollars.

Earlier this month, Bloomberg proposed to significantly raise taxes for the wealthiest Americans and corporations. He advocated the abolition of the reforms proposed by trump, noting that these reforms increase inequality, rather than promoting its reduction.

Bloomberg, the former mayor of new York, relies on his moderate political views and “unique experience in business, governance and philanthropy”. The billionaire argues that he wants “to defeat Donald Trump to restore America.”