On Saturday were made against 18 clock messages, in Belp is a dispute between several people was in progress and shots had been heard. Probably members of several motorcycle clubs have come together, say it in a message to the Canton of Bern police Department from Sunday. A shot had fallen.

The two seriously injured are in the hospital, where one of the men, gunshot wounds and other cut injuries. A third, slightly injured man was brought for medical treatment to the hospital.

in Total, were arrested 34 people, including three of the injured are. In Belp have been stopped by the forces of 19 people – 18 men and a woman – and then for questioning to the police station. Twelve other men were arrested in the course of the police operation to other places in the Canton of Bern and for further investigations on a police station.

in the Saturday evening hours, the police Department of the Canton of Bern had taken according to their own statements extensive investigations into the events.