A, B, AB or 0. For decades, the blood group engraved on every Swiss soldier on his metal identification tag. And not only the: Name, date of birth, nationality, and social security number have been performed since time immemorial. Earlier, the Citizenship, or at the request of the soldiers, even the denomination.

to identify The tag, the so-called “tomb stone”, is the poor families in case of an emergency. Since 1953, the plaque belongs on the basis of the Geneva conventions for military equipment.

blood group deleted

However, with the “army 95”-Reform were purged, and the details on the dog tag, also the blood group has been deleted. SVP national councillor Erich von Siebenthal (60) wants to change this now and again: “The blood group belongs as life-saving Information on the dog tag of the soldiers engraved on it,” he urges in a push.

Worldwide, would carry the soldiers, the blood group is well visible on their Uniform, so that the paramedics can provide you in case of an emergency as quickly as possible with a suitable blood transfusion, argues the Bern.

waiver because of privacy

But why is groups for over 20 years on the blood-indication dispensed at all? The answer is: for reasons of data protection.

But that was not the only Consideration, as army spokesman Stefan Hofer says: “The blood group is not listed – in addition to legal aspects, because in the event of a Sanit Aryan event is used to determine the blood group directly in front of the place, which makes the performance of the blood group of the more superfluous.” With today’s technical means, the blood group could be determined on-the-spot quickly and securely.

on the Part of the army, there were no plans for an adjustment, so Hofer. He emphasized that there is currently “no legal basis to Perform the blood group on the recognition of the brand”. And he makes it clear: in the personnel information system of the army, the blood group will not be detected.

Von Siebenthal: “life is people”

Von Siebenthal is undeterred. “That one is omitted because of data protection, the reference to the blood group, is not proportionate – after all, it’s about people’s lives,” says SVP-man. “Even in times of peace can happen in the military quickly once an accident, in which rapid action must be.”

He mentions a further aspect: “in view of the increased terrorist threat, a military seriously, can arrive faster than you think.”

the Swiss as exotics

Support the SVP receives politicians of Peter Forster, the editor-in-chief of the military magazine “Schweizer Soldat”. He also mourns the loss of the blood groups-identification.

Many members of the army could not understand that this information will no longer be listed, he says. In war, the blood group can save on the brand or even on the battle suit’s life – “theoretically, even in the peace in the case of serious accidents”.

most of The armies of the world would indicate the blood group, so that this was in a battle or in an accident immediately, explained Forster. “The American Marines have even made it several times.”

And he adds: “I often served abroad, including in Nato. We exotics Swiss were without blood group on the battle suit.”