However the result is not as impressive as I would like.

American blogger James Orgill leads to the YouTube channel Action Lab, where different entertaining shows, including scientific experiments. June 9, James published on the channel another interesting video. In a five-minute clip he showed, as did cut with a laser.

Blogger said that he was long overdue a haircut, but the isolation and closed barbershops left him no choice. Home Barber became his wife, however, is shear James gave her a very unusual instrument — the laser.

In the experiment, Orgill wanted to find out whether something to cut off the high-power laser, but the result was not happy. It turned out that everything is possible, but it requires a lot of time on the heated object, and not the fact that things will heat up and burnt equally well. Even the experience with long hair’s wife (who also agreed to participate in the experiment) did not give the expected result, and with the help of the laser was cut off a couple of curls.

Blogger warned its users that lasers are extremely dangerous, and therefore to repeat his experiment in the home he strongly recommends. A man and his wife during shearing is used special protective eyewear.

Catherine Gura

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