was asked As the American Realtor Piper Moretti, whether you accept as payment for a house, also crypto-currencies, she didn’t know what meant your customers: “It was a young Couple who had, thanks to the rising Bitcoin rates suddenly a lot of money in the account. They wanted to use it to pay for your luxury Villa, and I had no idea what it had with this Blockchain.”

So, Moretti a las. She spoke with experts, and negotiated with lawyers and one of the world’s first Broker was short on the crypto-currencies as means of payment accepted. In the past year, as the value of the digital currencies, eighth, within a few months multiplying, it was so to the point of contact for a variety of Nouveau riche. And to become a celebrity in the crypto-scene.

Blockchain makes Immo industry more efficient

Moretti is sure that the block chains will not simplify in the real estate sector payments: “The technology has the potential to make many processes more efficient, and safer.”

This development is already in full swing, as the example of Georgia shows that There recently, basic book manages entries on a Blockchain. The advantage of this is that the data is crypto-graphically secured, and anyone can be manipulated.

at the same time it is also easier items in a house sale. This took place in Georgia in the past several months, was associated with paperwork and Visits to the notary. Today, buyers and sellers can conduct the same process together with the Bank within a few days.

in Switzerland, in some cantons already a basic book on Blockchain-based discussed – among other things in train, and new castle.

Young crypto-shuffle the train

in train is much more than that: Many Start-ups have it with the Blockchain technology to the real estate industry. The young company Crypto Real Estate wants to establish a new crypto – currency – the Swiss Real Coin (SRC) and to invest in property: SRC corresponds to 1 CHF, the business model with a realty Fund compare.

Since December Blockimmo with mixes. The real estate transaction platform based on the Blockchain technology and relies on the broad masses (Crowd). So, it provides private clients and professional investors the opportunity to invest with small amounts from 1000 Swiss francs in real estate. The idea is Also normal earners are able to invest in real estate. Is invested in a so-called Wallet. This contains Tokens that represent the respective share of the property.

But also the well-established real estate companies such as Swiss Prime Site (SPS) sample in the Blockchain-technology: in 2017, the company made a test run, to cover rent deposits on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The biggest risk is lack of experience

“We are still at the beginning,” says Michael, a cloudy stone, a Professor of real estate management, the University of Lucerne. And nobody knew quite where the journey will go and what will be at the end of the right applications.

The biggest risk he sees in the current lack of experience. In addition, you need to the different possibilities of the new technology. Cloudy stone: “You don’t need to necessarily bring everything on the Blockchain.”

divorce by the push of a button

expert Moretti is convinced, however, that the block chains will open many doors for you. “Especially in developing countries, where corruption is much more widespread, will be able to benefit the people. It gives you the security that you are not deprived of power all of a sudden.”

From the new technology are likely to be affected by notaries: Not only in houses, buying the Blockchain could replace a notarization, wills or marriage contracts, in the future, under certain circumstances, without notarial assistance setting up. In this way, the authenticity and the safe and secure storage of contracts can be guaranteed, even if these exist only in digital form.

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