This whole climate-related disasters-roller will at the moment want to with very much ease from the media managed, said Blocher on Tuesday in Zurich. Ensure he is not with a view to the national elections in the autumn.

The fashion issue of climate go back, you just have to wait. He compared this “doomsday scenario” with the dying forests and the ozone hole. “Who’s speaking today? The world will not go this Time,” he says.

Under the guise of “climate” would only shoots new taxes, first of all, the petrol would be increased prices, then the cost of Heating, and finally, the agriculture come under pressure. “Against this headless measures, the bring by and Large, is nothing, we have to defend ourselves as the SVP,” said Blocher.

The SVP appeal rather to the sense of responsibility. You should not dictate to people what they should eat. “A person who lives, now does time of CO2.”

had to admit Blocher, the “fashion theme” climate cost of the SVP in cantonal elections, many voices, not least in his home Canton of Zurich. “We had to oppose the issue of climate in the cantonal elections, nothing, that’s right.” You don’t get lost in Zurich, but that is the only reason, but also because the party leadership have not done their job.

Loses the SVP because of green issues in a national election votes, Blocher does not seem to bring out the rest. It is the duty of a party to win elections. It is about issues, not Positions, he said. “If you do just what it takes to win elections, that is reprehensible.”

a Major theme of the SVP with a view to the elections of the EU framework contract, of Blocher from the principle of EU-submission of the contract referred to is therefore.