Members of the European Union and NATO without Italy’s support in the fight against the pandemic coronavirus, demonstrated the lack of a unified spirit of the organization, said the Deputy Minister of defence of the Russian Federation Alexander Fomin.

Thus, according to him, the Western experts did not fail to upbraid the Russian military in the “advocacy assistance” the country was in a difficult situation, reports TASS.

“the Western Countries, the EU, the Atlantic bloc are unable to realize that the allied capacity to present a unified spirit of”, -quotes Agency the words of the Deputy Minister.

Fomin added that some Western countries, the Russian aid, Italy was seen as an attempt of espionage. The statements of foreign politicians, the Deputy Minister called “political blackmail” and stressed that the defense Ministry does not pay attention to loud statements in the media.

Why Russia is helping Italy

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, in the publication of foreign media have published an article in which anonymous sources of journalists made a statement that 80% was supplied to Italy, Russian equipment is useless in the fight against coronavirus. In this regard, the author made the assumption that Moscow under the guise of helping European country implements its political ambitions. The Russian foreign Ministry noted that the accuracy stated in the material information raises serious doubts, since the source is not known.