In exactly a month, is Black Friday. Online platforms and retailers provide discount battles. Bargain hunters storm stores. Cheap prices on almost any price tag. 29. November a state of emergency in the Shopping world.

a Lot of traders went with them reluctantly, with the percent-delusion. They criticize that the Black-Friday-sale no additional sales will be achieved. Planned investments to be postponed until the end of November, the fears. Still, any dealer can afford to do more today, not on Black Friday-customers to respond.

Mainly spontaneous purchases

A different picture to draw the results of a representative survey conducted by the survey Institute Demoscope. Client platform black Friday deals. She has published on Tuesday the results of the survey of the Swiss German and Welsh shoppers.

From this show: Swiss to push their purchases to the Black Friday. Despite some massive price reductions on big parts of the ranges, to delay, only eight percent of a purchase on the Schnäppchentag.

In the West of Switzerland, wait at least 13 percent of the shopping. In the German part of Switzerland is only 7 percent. “The Black Friday seems to animate the Swiss continue to spontaneous purchases,” says Julian Zrotz of black Friday deals.

For consumers, the Discount of the carnival is not worth necessarily. Business psychologist Christian Fichter (48) is sure that the Consumer is tempted to buy things he needs. Nevertheless, thousands of bargain hunters will stock up in over 300 Swiss Shops-Black-Friday-Deals.

Swiss watch development skeptical

Above all, the detail lists in the West of Switzerland must prepare for a rush. Every third Romand plans on 29. November to shop. In German-speaking Switzerland it is one out of every five. “A surprisingly high number,” commented Zrotz. 20 percent of the Swiss are unsure if you will be shopping on Black Friday.

The discount-mania in November around Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Singles’ Day, many are critical of. Almost two-thirds feel the battles going on around the discount as a negative. Especially older people between 55 and 74 years, are set to the Shopping Events skeptical.

Nevertheless, many of the temptation can not resist, when on 25. November the percent of the week is ushered in and on the last Friday of the month, the discount battle in the Black Friday culminates.