DR.SIM is beefing up its one-month all-network flat rate with a hefty data upgrade. The three tariffs in the Vodafone network with 15, 30 and 40 GB now cost just as much as the usual 2-year contracts, although they can be canceled monthly.

Are you looking for a cell phone tariff? Then you have a huge selection and the prices are not bad either. But you should make a few decisions so that the tariff jungle clears up a bit:

If you want an LTE contract in the Vodafone network that can be canceled monthly, you should take a look at the current offers from DR.SIM. They are available in different configuration levels.

DR.SIM has three LTE tariffs in the Vodafone network with monthly cancellation options. The main difference is the data volume: There is 15 GB high-speed for EUR 9.99, 30 GB for EUR 14.99 or 40 GB for EUR 19.99 per month. Further key data: