A new drink combination is taking over the internet: pickles in Dr Pepper lemonade. The bizarre mixed drink is causing a stir and setting a new trend.

The USA is known for its often bizarre taste creations. But while people in this country are still amazed at bacon with waffles and maple syrup for breakfast, a completely new trend is already causing a stir online: pickles in a “Dr Pepper” lemonade.

A video by user Mississippi Memaw is sparking a lot of discussion on TikTok. In her video, she showed herself ordering a Dr Pepper soda with pickles at a drive-thru at American fast food chain Sonic and encouraged her viewers to try it for themselves: “Do you like pickles? Do you like Dr Pepper? Then come with me.” Around 3.8 million people have now seen the clip.

But the drink is not the TikToker’s own creation. “I didn’t invent the drink, but I don’t want to withhold it from anyone,” the woman told “Today.com.”

The fast food chain offers the caffeinated soft drink as “Dr Pepper Pucker” on its menu.

Since the viral video, many people seem to be trying out the drink and sharing their positive and negative reviews on TikTok. On its German Instagram page, Dr Pepper advertises with the slogan: “Tasty. But not for everyone!”. And that is also reflected in the reactions on TikTok.

One user writes: “I tried it and it definitely gets two thumbs up from me.” “It is so good. Pickles taste good in any lemonade.” If you don’t like Dr Pepper, you can alternatively order a normal cola, advises the content creator.

Curious people asked in the comments what the drink tasted like. The content creator describes the taste as “like a liquid McRib” – like the Barbeque Burger from fast food competitor McDonald’s.

Other users are more skeptical. “I don’t know what to think about this,” writes one user. Another becomes more explicit and emphasizes that he will “under no circumstances” try the creation.

A Sonic employee also shared his confusion on TikTok about the sudden increase in orders for this particular drink: “I had three people order pickles in their Dr Pepper today. “What’s going on?” he asked.

Beverage maker Keurig, which produces Dr Pepper, told Today.com that the team is open to new flavors and is always looking for new trends and flavors.

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