A device that can replace a cumbersome ventilator, invented by the Russian Biophysics. It’s a compact generator that can literally be carried in a pocket.

The device created at the Institute of high temperature electrochemistry, Ural branch, Russian Academy of Sciences. It enriches the air with oxygen, which a person with respiratory failure will absorb through the mask. The generator is particularly relevant now, during a pandemic coronavirus, according to “Izvestia”. Infected often require continuous oxygen therapy and is now a treatment available only in hospital.

Portable generators hyperoxic mixtures is an alternative to inpatient therapy. Their main advantage — compactness. On the market there are foreign oxygen concentrators, but they are good-sized radiator, but still require professional maintenance.

Russian device weighs the same as a mobile phone and runs on batteries, allowing you to carry it with you anywhere.

Earlier reported that the ventilator “Aventa-M” began to speak of Russian hospitals concern “radio-Electronic technology” for further verification on the order of Roszdravnadzor. Additional test devices will be held in a raised capacity and in the framework of emergency situations.