Bill Gates has predicted even five years ago, at a TED lecture, that the human race is not prepared for the outbreak of a new disease. Yesterday, he estimated, on Reddit, however, that the countries that have the right to take measures, within two to three months, with the economic start-up time. A very positive response to the forecast that we have another year and a half, the use of social distancing would be required to do.

Who is the TED lecture by the Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates in march 2015 and now listen, like I have a bit of a chill on the back foot. “As a child, it was a nuclear disaster that we are most worried about”, and began the Gates of his speech. “This is no longer the biggest threat to a wereldramp. If there’s one thing in the next few decades, with more than ten million lives will be required, then it is more than likely to be a highly infectious virus, rather than a war. Not rocket science, but for the microbes.”

you can also Read, “For each of the well-known coronageval there is a five-to-ten-not-detected-infected people to others kindle”

Gates pointed an accusing finger at the government that not enough had been invested to make a plan to stop it. The analysis was based on the ebola outbreak of 2014 in West Africa, and the failure of strategy in order to that is of epidemic sound bites.

Today, facing the world, and the Covid-19 is a virus that is very contagious and is also rapidly spreading. If ebolapatiënten be contagious, they are so sick that they are in the bed, barely able to, and that way less people will be able to attack. This is the new corona virus is completely different: there is every indication that it can be spread by a person which can be infected but not have symptoms. That was exactly what Bill Gates, in 2015, it predicted, “the next virus will be able to well enough to feel comfortable, as they’re contagious, so you can make a plane or go to a local market.”